BREAKINGGaza death toll jumps to 87 as Israeli air raids intensify.
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Israel masses forces near Gaza as air strikes continue
Death toll in Gaza rises to 87, health authorities say, as Israel boosts troops and tanks near the besieged enclave.
13 May 2021
Celebrities weigh in on Israel-Palestine conflict
Some posts, including those by Gal Gadot and Rihanna, have been roundly criticised on social media.
13 May 2021
What is ‘black fungus’ infection found in India’s COVID patients?
Doctors record severe spurt in cases of mucormycosis, a hard-to-treat fungal infection, among COVID-19 patients.
13 May 2021
What led to the most recent Israel-Palestine escalation?
Protests over expulsion of Palestinian families and Israeli raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque preceded Israel’s Gaza bombardment.
12 May 2021
Gaza marks deadly Eid al-Fitr amid Israeli bombardment
Israeli forces bomb several buildings in Gaza as authorities say 69 Palestinians killed, including 17 children.
12 May 2021
Digital apartheid: Palestinians being silenced on social media
Social media companies, from Zoom to Facebook and Twitter, are reinforcing Israel’s erasure of Palestinians.
13 May 2021
‘Everything lost in an eye blink’: Gaza towers targeted by Israel
Israel struck three tower blocks in the heart of Gaza City in 24 hours, flattening two and destroying parts of another.
13 May 2021
Israel must be taught a ‘lesson’, Erdogan tells Putin
UN Security Council must rapidly intervene to protect Palestinians, Turkish president tells Russian counterpart.
12 May 2021
In Pictures: Ruins and devastation as Israeli attacks pummel Gaza
Hundreds of Israeli air attacks launched on the Gaza Strip this week in worst escalation since 2014 Israeli war on Gaza.
13 May 2021
Western powers clash with China over Xinjiang at UN virtual meet
US, UK and Germany urge China to allow UN access to region amid concerns over Beijing’s treatment of the Uighur minority
13 May 2021
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