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Mali vows to defy UN call for peace­keep­ers to in­ves­ti­gate abus­es
The UNSC has ex­tend­ed a nine-year-old UN peace­keep­ing op­er­a­tion known as MI­NUS­MA for an­oth­er 12 months.
30 Jun 2022
UN en­voy warns of spi­ralling DRC con­flict
Hu­man rights groups are re­port­ing grave hu­man rights abus­es, in­clud­ing women be­ing forced to cook and eat hu­man flesh.
30 Jun 2022
How Nige­ria’s World Cup ab­sence will af­fect busi­ness­es in Qatar
Foot­ballers, of­fi­cials, fans and busi­ness own­ers in Qatar count their loss­es af­ter their team fails to qual­i­fy.
30 Jun 2022
The Glob­al South has the pow­er to force rad­i­cal cli­mate ac­tion
Af­ter all, West­ern economies – and their eco­nom­ic growth – de­pend ut­ter­ly on labour and re­sources from the South.
Ja­son Hick­el
29 Jun 2022
Analy­sis: Niger­ian state’s call to arms could spur state of an­ar­chy
Au­thor­i­ties in Zam­fara is­sued the call for self-de­fence as ban­dits con­tin­ue to un­leash ter­ror across north­ern Nige­ria.
29 Jun 2022
Protests over eco­nom­ic woes en­ter sec­ond day in Ghana
Frus­tra­tion has grown in re­cent months as Ghana­ians bear the brunt of ram­pant in­fla­tion and the ris­ing costs of liv­ing.
29 Jun 2022
In a Niger­ian lep­rosy colony, res­i­dents en­dure stig­ma and ne­glect
There are 64 lep­rosy set­tle­ments across Nige­ria but most are in vary­ing states of dis­re­pair with lit­tle to no fund­ing.
29 Jun 2022
Rwan­dans in DRC stay in­doors as rebel at­tacks spur na­tion­al anger
Videos of anti-Rwan­dan protests are cir­cu­lat­ing on so­cial me­dia as Kin­shasa ac­cus­es Ki­gali of back­ing rebels in east DRC
29 Jun 2022
Nige­ria sells mar­gin­al oil­field li­cens­es for $482m, ig­nores court
The li­cens­ing comes de­spite a court rul­ing in May, re­strain­ing Abu­ja from is­su­ing li­cences pend­ing a suit de­ter­mi­na­tion.
29 Jun 2022
Su­dan’s mil­i­tary strikes dis­put­ed re­gion bor­der­ing Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s of­fi­cials said Su­dan’s armed forces fired dur­ing clash­es in dis­put­ed re­gion of al-Fashaqa.
29 Jun 2022
From: Featured Documentaries
Resti­tu­tion: Africa’s Stolen Art – Plun­der
The sto­ry of the large-scale plun­der of African art and arte­facts un­der Eu­ro­pean colo­nial­ism.
28 Jun 2022
In­vestors ex­cit­ed by Zim­bab­we plan to mint gold to curb in­fla­tion
Pres­i­dent Mnan­gag­wa is re­port­ed­ly des­per­ate to shed some of the lega­cy eco­nom­ic prob­lems his ad­min­is­tra­tion in­her­it­ed.
28 Jun 2022
South Africa: Es­kom could re­peat worst pow­er cuts in its his­to­ry
The state pow­er com­pa­ny is strug­gling to meet pow­er de­mand due to labour protests over wage talks dis­rupt­ing op­er­a­tions.
28 Jun 2022
Rus­sia’s Wag­n­er group in Mali spurs refugee spike in Mau­ri­ta­nia
Malians are flee­ing to near­by Mau­ri­ta­nia to es­cape from ban­dits, fight­ers, the army and now Russ­ian op­er­a­tives.
28 Jun 2022
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