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Turkey’s lira falls to new low as US Fed hints at faster tapering
The lira fell as much as 4.7 percent to 13.4541 per dollar at 8:08pm in Istanbul (17:08 GMT).
The Turkish lira has weakened more than 27 percent since the central bank started easing policy, by far the biggest depreciation in emerging markets [File: Moe Zoyari/Bloomberg]
By Onur AntBloomberg
30 Nov 2021
Turkey’s lira tumbled to a record low, weighed down by the prospect of a faster pace of tightening by the U.S. Federal Reserve.
The lira fell as much as 4.7% to 13.4541 per dollar at 8:08 p.m. in Istanbul, after Fed Chair Jerome Powell said it’s appropriate to consider finishing the central bank’s tapering of asset purchases a few months earlier than previously expected.
That’s compounding concerns over President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s drive for lower borrowing costs, a move that has undermined the currency and fueled inflation. While most central banks are talking of tightening policy, Turkey has slashed 4 percentage points off borrowing rates since September.
The Turkish lira has weakened more than 27% since the central bank started easing policy, by far the biggest depreciation in emerging markets. Consumer prices rose an annual 19.9% in October, almost four times the official target.
Turkey’s econ­o­my grows 7.4% in Q3, but lira cri­sis risks mount
Turkey’s econ­o­my pow­ered ahead of most of its peers in Q3, but soar­ing cur­ren­cy cri­sis could pose a threat to re­cov­ery.
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Turk­ish lira cri­sis hits Idlib in Syr­ia
Turkey’s cur­ren­cy cri­sis spills over into op­po­si­tion-held Syr­i­an city that adopt­ed the lira more than a year ago.
27 Nov 2021
Turkey’s lira hits record low af­ter Er­do­gan de­fends rate cuts
Over­all, the lira has lost near­ly 40 per cent of its val­ue against the dol­lar since the start of the year.
23 Nov 2021
Er­do­gan vows to keep push­ing for low­er in­ter­est rates, lira falls
Er­do­gan re­news his push for low­er bor­row­ing costs a day be­fore cen­tral bank meets to de­cide in­ter­est rates.
17 Nov 2021
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