Harvesting ‘true cinnamon’: The story of the Ceylon spice
Ceylon cinnamon has been produced in Sri Lanka for generations. But experienced peelers are now rare.
18 Oct 2021
Inside Nigeria’s unregulated human egg industry
In the booming fertility business, women donating their eggs face unfavourable conditions and health and safety risks.
17 Oct 2021
A letter to a refugee child who must ‘survive’ in a new country
Here in this country, you have to learn how to do things the way other people do, to survive.
14 Oct 2021
Palestinian kids run gauntlet of settlers, army on way to school
For the Palestinian children of Lubban Ash-Sharqiya near Nablus, walking to school is a dangerous journey.
13 Oct 2021
Do COVID vaccines prevent transmission of the virus?
Studies suggest vaccinated people are less likely to pass it on to others. Plus, ‘COVID toes’ and a pill to treat COVID.
13 Oct 2021
Algerian whistleblower imprisoned after Spain deportation
Mohamed Abdellah had been in exile in Spain since 2019 when he fled Algeria after exposing alleged corruption.
12 Oct 2021
Stealing Africa: How Britain looted the continent’s art
The role Britain’s anti-slavery mission played in looting African art. And the campaign to get it returned.
12 Oct 2021
Fleeing Afghan musicians stuck in limbo in Pakistan
Musicians who fled Afghanistan fearing the Taliban rule struggle to make a living as refugees in Pakistan.
12 Oct 2021
‘Unprecedented’ hunger in Lebanon as fuel crisis hikes food costs
Families skip meals and forgo staples as Lebanon’s paralysing fuel crisis causes food prices to skyrocket.
11 Oct 2021
As EU hopes fade, Russia, China fill voids across Western Balkans
The EU’s waning ‘soft power’ in the region allows other countries to step in with loans and influence, analysts say.
11 Oct 2021
Growing up in detention: Casualties of Australia’s refugee system
Since age 15, Mehdi and Adnan have been held by a system that considers them illegal. Eight years later, they ask: Why?
11 Oct 2021
Palestinian village target of settler attacks and land theft
Kisan village faces Israeli settler violence on near-daily basis as the army seizes tracts of land.
10 Oct 2021
Ukrainian soldiers bear the invisible scars of war
How widespread traumatic brain injuries, once the hidden wounds of the seven-year conflict, are now coming to light.
10 Oct 2021
Q&A: Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa
Al Jazeera speaks to Maria Ressa, investigative journalist and co-recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.
8 Oct 2021
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