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In Pictures: Kabul airport bears testimony to chaotic US exit
A month after Taliban takeover, signs of 20-year occupation still visible, including evidence of humiliating exit by US.
16 Sep 2021
In Pictures: SpaceX launches amateur crew on Earth-circling trip
First private SpaceX flight reaches orbit with two contest winners, a healthcare worker and their rich sponsor on board.
16 Sep 2021
In Pictures: Flash floods submerge southern French villages
No casualties reported, but local authorities say rains caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure.
15 Sep 2021
Photos: Taliban make themselves at home in strongman’s mansion
Fighters occupy glitzy Kabul mansion of one of their fiercest enemies: strongman and fugitive ex-VP Abdul Rashid Dostum.
15 Sep 2021
In Pictures: Lebanese army sells helicopter rides to survive
Lebanon’s struggling military is trying to make much-needed money by selling helicopter tours to tourists.
15 Sep 2021
Photos: Taliban men visit prison they were jailed in for years
Group now runs Pul-e-Charkhi Prison, a sprawling complex on Kabul’s outskirts where thousands of them were imprisoned.
14 Sep 2021
In Pictures: Spain’s wildfire still ‘out of control’
Wildfires are common in southern Europe during the summer months, but this year has seen an exceptional number.
13 Sep 2021
In Pictures: US marks 20th anniversary of 9/11
President Joe Biden said the United States must come together and lead the world by example.
12 Sep 2021
In Pictures: North Korea Founding Day parade
North Korea paraded goose-stepping soldiers and military hardware in a celebration of the nation’s 73rd anniversary.
9 Sep 2021
In Pictures: Powerful earthquake near Mexico’s Acapulco
The quake struck southern Mexico near the resort of Acapulco, causing buildings to rock and sway in Mexico City.
8 Sep 2021
In Pictures: El Salvador protests erupt against Bitcoin
Angry demonstrations, technological glitches, and a dip in the cryptocurrency clouded the rollout in El Salvador.
8 Sep 2021
Photos: Afghans hold protest, fearing curbs on their ‘freedom’
The Taliban announced a new government on Tuesday amid protests from Afghans over women’s rights and free speech.
8 Sep 2021
Rallies for and against Bolsonaro on Brazil national day
Thousands have converged on Brazil’s cities for pro and anti-Bolsonaro demonstrations on Independence Day.
7 Sep 2021
Photos: Afghanistan’s last pocket of resistance falls to Taliban
The Taliban claimed total control over Afghanistan after claiming capture of the Panjshir Valley on Monday.
7 Sep 2021
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