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How India, Pakistan fans lit up the T20 World Cup final
Despite the Asian giants not qualifying for the final, neutral fans turned up to watch Australia lift the trophy.
Despite an early exit of their team, Indian fans turned up in big numbers for the final, ensuring India made some sort of an appearance in the title decider, and the stadium rang out with the shouts of 'India, India'. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
By Faras Ghani
15 Nov 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – A vociferous near-capacity crowd witnessed Australia claim their maiden T20 World Cup, beating New Zealand by eight wickets in the final at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.
While the noise levels remained high throughout the final on Sunday evening – with fours, sixes, wickets and any act of entertainment applauded – the majority of those present in the stadium were neutrals.
Pakistan and India had failed to reach the final, much to the disappointment of those who had bought early tickets and the authorities who would have loved either of those teams to give the finances a boost.
Members of the Barmy Army and the Stani Army, followers of the two losing semi-finalists England and Pakistan, made an appearance while the Bharat Army seemed to have lost a lot of strength in numbers given India’s failure to reach the knockout stage.
Disappointed fans were selling their tickets outside the stadium for as low as a quarter of the purchase price. Some, who had made bulk purchases hoping to cash in on the Asian giants’ form, were also left out of pocket with demand falling drastically as soon as Pakistan were stunned by Australia in the semi-final.
After being heavily outnumbered by their Pakistani counterparts in the semi-final, Australian fans turned up in numbers to watch their team take on New Zealand. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
The Kangaroos gave, well, the kangaroo a lot to cheer about on Sunday evening, delivering the team’s first T20 World Cup title since the tournament began in 2007. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
The Kiwi supporters were not to be left behind, despite not being able to turn up in big numbers for their shock win over 50-over champions England in the first semi-final on Wednesday. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
Fireworks, music and great cricket, the 'ring of fire' provided ample entertainment to all those who turned up on Sunday, including the New Zealand fans. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
England fans, left stunned and dejected after the semi-final loss to New Zealand, made sure New Zealand players and fans did not have an easy night by reminding them of their head-to-head supremacy. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, an Indian teacher and fan of retired cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, was also present among the crowd, waving an Indian flag at every opportunity while also posing for photos with fans. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
Seated nearby were members of the Stani Army who had a heavy presence in Pakistan’s earlier games, including the late, shock loss to Australia in the semi-final on Thursday. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
An empty seat and a Pakistan flag tell the story of the bulk purchases that were met with disappointment in the T20 World Cup title decider on Sunday. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
While some Indian supporters sold their unused tickets for the semi-finals and final, others opted to turn up despite the team’s absence and watch Australia lift the trophy. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
Unlike India, Pakistan were not one of the pre-tournament favourites. However, an unbeaten run to the semi-finals – five wins out of five – made Pakistani supporters' dream of a third final and a second title. However, Australia’s wicketkeeper-batter Matthew Wade hit three sixes off three balls to dent all hopes Pakistan fans had of watching their team in the final. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
Bangladesh arrived with much promise but failed to win a single match in the Super 12 round of the T20 World Cup but the fans did not miss a chance to have the jersey on display in the final. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
As the evening, as well as the tournament, came to a close, Australian fans had the most to cheer about as captain Aaron Finch lifted the only global cricket tournament trophy that had eluded Australia. [Faras Ghani/Al Jazeera]
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