BREAKINGIsrael boosts troops and tanks near the Gaza Strip
‘Brutal attacks’ alleged in Bahrain
Hospital staff overwhelmed by influx of wounded protesters and, in some cases, undercover police.
15 Mar 2011

The king of Bahrain has declared a state of emergency across the country for three months. Local police are now being backed up by 1,000 Saudi troops, who entered the country on Monday following weeks of political unrest.
Among those wounded in violent protests are undercover police found in the Shia areas of Bahrain, where hospital staffers are overwhelmed by the influx of the injured.
Al Jazeera’s correspondent sent this report from a hospital in the capital, Manama.
Obama gets it right
Obama’s seeming inaction over the protests sweeping the Middle East is exactly what he needs to do – that is, nothing.
14 Mar 2011
Bahrain protester shot in chest
Footage shows man shot at close range with apparent tear gas canister as security forces crack down on demonstrations.
14 Mar 2011
The new ‘disorder’ of hope
Gulf Arab states are being challenged to reform their political and social orders by a population high on hope.
14 Mar 2011
A ‘time for martyrs’ in Bahrain
Demonstrators rally in the island kingdom, demanding political change at protests, funeral processions and hospitals.
20 Feb 2011
Separate blasts kill 11 Afghan civilians on first day of truce
Alibaba reports first quarterly loss since going public
George Floyd: Officers allege coercion, media leaks
As births slow in China and US, ex-laggard Germany bucks trend
Israel masses forces near Gaza as air strikes continue
Celebrities weigh in on Israel-Palestine conflict
What is ‘black fungus’ infection found in India’s COVID patients?
What led to the most recent Israel-Palestine escalation?
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