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Israeli PM says Raisi win a ‘wake up’ call over Iran nuclear deal
Naftali Bennett said Iran’s presidential election was a sign for world powers to ‘wake up’ before returning to a deal.
20 Jun 2021
Pakistan’s Khan fears ‘civil war’ if no peace deal in Afghanistan
Imran Khan also rules out the possibility of Pakistan allowing its territory to be used for US military bases.
21 Jun 2021
Ethiopians vote in polls overshadowed by Tigray conflict
Polls open against the backdrop of internal strife, with PM Abiy Ahmed expected to cement his hold on power.
21 Jun 2021
Rights group urges UK to probe UAE activist’s death near London
DAWN advocacy group urges UK police ‘to ensure that no foul play was involved’ in the car crash of Alaa al-Siddiq.
21 Jun 2021
Who is Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s next president?
From his time at the seminary in Qom to hardline president-elect, Ebrahim Raisi has come a long way.
19 Jun 2021
Indonesia’s ‘born-again’ Muslims quit banks for Islamic finance
With exploitative interest frowned upon in Islamic law, bankers are quitting traditional banks, creating hiring woes.
21 Jun 2021
UEFA to investigate discrimination at Hungary’s Euro 2020 matches
European football’s governing body says probe over ‘potential discriminatory incidents’ in Budapest to be opened.
20 Jun 2021
Norway rules out boycotting Qatar 2022 World Cup
An extraordinary congress called by the Norwegian Football Federation voted to reject a boycott of the event.
21 Jun 2021
Prominent UAE activist Alaa al-Siddiq dies in London car crash
Alaa was executive director of a UK-based non-profit that advocated for human rights in the Gulf.
20 Jun 2021
‘It will get very bad’: Experts warn on Indonesia COVID surge
Government is blaming the Delta variant for latest jump in cases, but experts say policy failures are to blame.
18 Jun 2021
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