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Violations against children in conflict ‘alarmingly high’: UN
UN says COVID pandemic increasing vulnerability of children in conflict zones to grave violations.
21 Jun 2021
Bill and Melinda Gates divorce throws spotlight on money manager
The management of Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates fortune has drawn little scrutiny.
21 Jun 2021
Iran’s President-elect Raisi addresses ties to mass executions
Raisi says he is ‘proud’ of his work as a former prosecutor and will continue to ‘defend human rights’ as president.
21 Jun 2021
Trump wanted to send COVID-infected Americans to Guantanamo: Book
New book by Washington Post reporters claims Trump asked if detainment camp could be used to house infected.
21 Jun 2021
Israeli PM says Raisi win a ‘wake up’ call over Iran nuclear deal
Naftali Bennett said Iran’s presidential election was a sign for world powers to ‘wake up’ before returning to a deal.
20 Jun 2021
Wildfires burn across US West threatening Flagstaff, Arizona
Officials are warning rural residents near an Arizona wildfire to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.
21 Jun 2021
US, EU, Canada and UK slap sanctions on Belarus
Western allies urge Belarusian government to cooperate with probe into the forced landing of a Ryanair jet last month.
21 Jun 2021
‘They killed him in cold blood’: AMLO to investigate killings
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says 15 bystanders were killed in weekend violence.
21 Jun 2021
Former president Karzai says US failed in Afghanistan
Karzai says US and NATO troops set to fully withdraw from Afghanistan after 20 years are leaving behind a disaster.
21 Jun 2021
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