Congolese man’s death in police custody sparks protest in India
At least six nationals of African countries injured during scuffle with police in Bengaluru over the alleged custodial death.
Police baton charge a man protesting the death of the African national in Bengaluru city [AFP]
3 Aug 2021
At least six nationals of African countries have been injured during a scuffle with police in India’s southern city of Bengaluru over an alleged custodial death of a Congolese student, an official says.
Joel Shindani Malu, 27, was detained by police on Sunday over charges of possessing a small cache of banned psychotropic ecstasy pills but died in custody early on Monday after suffering cardiac arrest, an officer said on Monday.
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“He was diagnosed with Bradycardia and was administered with several rounds of CPR [Cardiopulmonary resuscitation] and other life-saving interventions but died due to a suspected cardiac arrest,” the officer said.
Demonstrators shout slogans in front of the JC Nagar Police Station in Bengaluru [AFP]
Following his death, several nationals of African countries staged a demonstration outside the police station and scuffled with policemen, which led to the assault of an officer.
The Hindu newspaper said they were members of the “Pan African Federation”, a group set up to protect the rights of African students and professionals in the city.
The demonstrators refuted the police claim that Malu had died of cardiac arrest and accused them of falsely detaining him before police used batons to push back the protesters and arrested a dozen demonstrators.
An injured man sits inside a van after Bengaluru police attack demonstrators with batons [AFP]
Police said they have opened an investigation into the death amid claims that the deceased student was “illegally” living in India after his passport and visa expired in 2017.
“Investigation into the death is being conducted as per NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) guidelines including inquest by a judicial magistrate. The investigation has been transferred to CID (Crime Investigation Department),” Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant tweeted.
Nationals of African countries often accuse Indian police of racial bias and harassment.
Many claim that they are routinely detained over fabricated charges of drug peddling and face daily discrimination.
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