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The next test of abortion rights in the US
The US Supreme Court is set to rule on a major abortion case that will decide the legality of a Louisiana law that imposes restrictions on abortion doctors.
15 May 2020
The United States Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on a case that could change abortion access across the country.
Abortion has been legal in the US since the 1973 Supreme Court decision known as Roe v Wade. But at the state level, there is an increasing patchwork of laws designed to restrict access to abortions. Those restrictions often disproportionately affect poor people and communities of colour.
To understand how these types of laws in the US are systematically whittling away women’s rights, we speak to Imaeyen Ibanga, presenter and reporter for AJ+, and Rebecca Reingold, an adjunct law professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
US Supreme Court tackles controversial Louisiana abortion law
US abortion rights: Supreme Court case may change status quo
What Happens When You Restrict Abortion? 
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