Gunfire and sectarian anger renew civil war fears in Lebanon
Fears of civil conflict grow in Lebanon after the worst street violence in more than a decade broke out in Beirut.
A damaged vehicle is pictured as soldiers are deployed after gunfire erupted in Beirut, Lebanon [Aziz Taher/Reuters]
22 Oct 2021
As fighting erupts across an old front line in Beirut, Al Jazeera’s senior correspondent Lebanon Zeina Khodr shares her experiences reporting on a country mired in multiple crises. On October 14, she reported live as gunshots rang out around her and her crew. The clashes unfolded right near the infamous Green Line. The area has come to symbolise the sectarianism that many blame for devastating Lebanon’s economy and for entrenching a class of political elites who continue to fail to pull the country out of crisis.
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Zeina Khodr (​@ZeinaKhodrAljaz​), Al Jazeera’s senior correspondent in Lebanon
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