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Can a lawsuit stop Mexico’s ‘iron river’ of guns?
The Mexican government estimates that nearly 70 percent of guns trafficked into the country come from the United States [Daniel Becerril/Reuters]
13 Aug 2021
In Mexico, American guns are a fact of life. The Mexican government estimates nearly 70 percent of guns trafficked into the country come from the United States. And in the US, gun trafficking is not a federal crime.
Now, the Mexican government is taking an unusual tack to try to stop the flow of arms: it’s filed a lawsuit. With no sign of the cartel violence slowing, can a lawsuit stem the flow of guns to Mexico?
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John Holman (​@johnholman100​), Al Jazeera correspondent
Eugenio Weigend Vargas (​@eugenioweigend​), Center for American Progress (@amprog)
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