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The secret cameras recording women in Spain
In 2019, some women were secretly recorded urinating and the video was posted on porn websites. Now, the women are seeking justice.
In 2019, some women in Spain were secretly recorded while urinating [File: Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times via Getty Images]
23 Aug 2021
Every August, in a small town called San Cibrao, in the northern region of Galicia, Spain, people gather to celebrate a local yearly festival: the A Maruxaina. Finding a toilet during the event, which brings together thousands of people, can be challenging – forcing many to go to discreet alleys instead. In 2019, a group of women were secretly recorded while doing it. The videos were posted on porn websites. Now, the women are seeking justice.
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Sonia Visozo, El Pais correspondent in Galicia
Paloma Maseda and Alba Alvarez, victims
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