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From: 101 East
Love and Faith in In­dia
Hin­du na­tion­al­ists are push­ing the con­spir­a­cy that Mus­lim men are mar­ry­ing Hin­du women to form an Is­lam­ic re­pub­lic.
27 Jan 2022
From: 101 East
Japan’s Pet Ot­ter Ob­ses­sion
How are wild ot­ters from South­east Asia end­ing up in Japan­ese pet cafes? 101 East in­ves­ti­gates.
13 Jan 2022
From: 101 East
South Ko­rea’s House of Hor­ror
We in­ves­ti­gate one of South Ko­rea’s worst peace-time atroc­i­ties and those al­leged­ly be­hind it now liv­ing in Aus­tralia.
9 Dec 2021
From: 101 East
In­dia’s Stolen Youth
101 East in­ves­ti­gates how the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic led to a spike in child traf­fick­ing across In­dia.
25 Nov 2021
Flash­point: Chi­na and Tai­wan
101 East in­ves­ti­gates ris­ing ten­sions be­tween Chi­na and Tai­wan.
11 Nov 2021
Dy­ing to De­liv­er: Over­worked in South Ko­rea
101 East in­ves­ti­gates the dead­ly price Ko­re­an de­liv­ery work­ers are pay­ing for on­line shop­ping con­ve­nience.
28 Oct 2021
Why are so many In­di­an sug­ar­cane cut­ters re­mov­ing their wombs?
101 East in­ves­ti­gates the fate of In­dia’s fe­male sug­ar­cane work­ers and asks why so many are hav­ing in­va­sive surgery.
21 Oct 2021
Hor­ror at Home: Chi­na’s Do­mes­tic Vi­o­lence Cri­sis
101 East in­ves­ti­gates how a quar­ter of women across Chi­na suf­fer do­mes­tic vi­o­lence.
14 Oct 2021
Asia’s Pan­dem­ic Waste Emer­gency
We ex­plore how South­east Asia is strug­gling to cope with thou­sands of tonnes of med­ical waste dur­ing COVID-19.
30 Sep 2021
Make Me Taller: The Trend of Limb Length­en­ing Surg­eries in In­dia
Limb-length­en­ing surgery for cos­met­ic rea­sons is in de­mand in In­dia, but it does not al­ways end well.
23 Sep 2021
Hong Kong: Can­dle in the Wind
A year af­ter Hong Kong in­tro­duced a dra­con­ian se­cu­ri­ty law, 101 East meets the ac­tivists who refuse to be si­lenced.
16 Sep 2021
Afghanistan: No Jus­tice for Women
With the Tal­iban back in pow­er, 101 East in­ves­ti­gates the fight for jus­tice for Afghanistan’s women.
19 Aug 2021
Birds on the Brink
We show­case New Zealand’s trail­blaz­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal pol­i­cy that aims to see the coun­try rid of preda­tors by 2050.
12 Aug 2021
Chi­na’s Free Trade Mec­ca
With its beach­es, duty-free shop­ping and boom­ing real es­tate, could the is­land of Hainan be­come Chi­na’s new Hong Kong?
29 Jul 2021
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