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Al Jazeera Correspondent
In this special documentary series, Al Jazeera presents a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of the network’s journalists. Travelling from India to America and from Bosnia to Doha, Al Jazeera’s correspondents explore subjects that touch on a diverse range of modern obsessions – digital technology, architecture and photography, yoga, the American dream, fertility, and the universal love of comedy.
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From: Al Jazeera Correspondent
A Refugee’s Tale
A per­son­al look at the refugee cri­sis through the eyes of a jour­nal­ist who fled war-torn Koso­vo as a boy 30 years ago.
24 Oct 2020
From: Al Jazeera Correspondent
Fas­cism in the Fam­i­ly
A per­son­al look at Mus­soli­ni’s regime and how Italy may now be em­brac­ing fas­cist ide­olo­gies most be­lieved gone for­ev­er.
26 Jan 2020
From: Al Jazeera Correspondent
The So­vi­et Scar
A union of equals or Russ­ian oc­cu­pa­tion? A per­son­al jour­ney ex­plor­ing how decades of So­vi­et rule have shaped Geor­gia.
10 Nov 2018
From: Al Jazeera Correspondent
We Are Still Here: A Sto­ry from Na­tive Alas­ka
From Qatar to Alas­ka, a per­son­al jour­ney ex­plor­ing what it means to be­long when your cul­ture is en­dan­gered.
1 Nov 2018
A Moral Debt: The Lega­cy of Slav­ery in the USA
A jour­ney of self-dis­cov­ery and ed­u­ca­tion, span­ning the lega­cy of Con­fed­er­ate Amer­i­ca and its mod­ern ram­i­fi­ca­tions.
25 Oct 2018
The Cut: Ex­plor­ing FGM
Why does the dan­ger­ous and painful prac­tice of fe­male gen­i­tal mu­ti­la­tion per­sist in so many coun­tries across the world?
24 Apr 2018
Why I run
We pro­file peo­ple from around the world, who all run for dif­fer­ent rea­sons.
8 Apr 2018
Death in the Fam­i­ly
A per­son­al look at the fu­ner­al in­dus­try and how a tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly-run trade is be­ing over­tak­en by big cor­po­ra­tions.
12 Oct 2017
My Own Pri­vate Bol­ly­wood
What does it take to make a Bol­ly­wood movie? A per­son­al jour­ney into the fas­ci­nat­ing world of In­di­an film.
27 Sep 2017
Men­tal Ill­ness: Break­ing the Si­lence
One in four peo­ple will suf­fer a men­tal ill­ness, but will they all get the care and treat­ment they need?
22 Oct 2015
Dis­ease, dis­crim­i­na­tion and dig­ni­ty
An in­dige­nous vil­lage ex­pos­es the fa­tal flaws in Mex­i­co’s pub­lic health poli­cies.
22 Oct 2015
The sad – and the sad­der – me
The sto­ry of one woman’s strug­gle with bipo­lar dis­or­der.
22 Oct 2015
Putting Man on the Moon
Al Jazeera’s Car­o­line Rad­nof­sky ex­plores the lega­cy of her grand­fa­ther, the man be­hind the icon­ic Apol­lo 11 space suits.
15 Oct 2015
Grow­ing Up Guan­tanamo
Fol­low the in­cred­i­ble jour­ney of Asadul­lah Rah­man, the youngest in­mate to be held at Guan­tanamo Bay.
8 Oct 2015
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