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From: Al Jazeera World
Literary liaisons of iconic North African writers
Creative connections between North African writers – Jean Genet and Mohamed Choukri plus Albert Camus and Kateb Yacine.
22 Sep 2021
From: Al Jazeera World
Meteorite Hunters in Morocco
Moroccan nomads meet a geologist and a rare stone dealer as they search for meteorites, elusive extra-terrestrial rocks.
14 Sep 2021
From: Al Jazeera World
The Story Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes of The Misfits, a movie scripted to tarnish a country’s reputation but then overtaken by real events.
10 Sep 2021
From: Al Jazeera World
My Own Private History in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia
Personal, witness accounts of four historical events in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia, including a riot over a movie.
1 Sep 2021
Somalia’s first women’s football team, the Golden Girls
The Somali women’s football team fights cultural barriers and funding problems in a bid to represent the country.
25 Jul 2021
Israel and Hamas: Anatomy of a Prisoner Exchange
A prisoner exchange involving five years of negotiations through intermediaries on behalf of Hamas and Israel.
14 Jul 2021
Arabs Abroad: The Designer and the Atomic Scientist
The remarkable stories of two Arab immigrants to Germany and the US – a logo designer and an atomic scientist.
1 Jul 2021
Chad’s Football Dream
Football is a passion in Chad but the national team has yet to qualify for top African and world tournaments.
23 Jun 2021
Rebel Radio Ships
Pirate radio stations like Radio Caroline and The Voice of Peace used their airwaves to challenge the status quo.
9 Jun 2021
Songs from North Africa
Exploring songs from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Sudan and the people, cultures and traditions behind them.
2 Jun 2021
Deadly Games: Algeria and Tunisia’s ultra football fans
A powerful look at football passion in Tunisia and Algeria and the tragic consequences when it boils over into violence.
26 May 2021
Arabs Abroad: The Humanitarian and the Healer
A boy rescued from war in Gaza who is now a rescuer himself, and a Jordanian top rheumatologist in the US.
28 Apr 2021
Croatia’s ‘war criminal’ Mirko Graorac: Guilty or innocent?
A look at the case of Mirko Graorac, a Croatian Serb sentenced to 15 years for war crimes he may not have committed.
7 Apr 2021
Minimalism in Turkey: Journey to a Simple Life
A couple and their young child quit the rat race and join a minimalist movement, decluttering and living with less.
24 Mar 2021
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