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From: Between Us
Libya: Vi­o­lence to Votes
“Why have you killed my fa­ther and my un­cles and my grand­fa­ther? Where is the jus­tice?”
5 Jan 2022
From: Between Us
Afghanistan: Women’s Rights
“Dad­dy, when can I go back to school? I don’t want to sit here any more.”
15 Dec 2021
From: Between Us
Haiti: A Per­fect Storm
“I be­lieve in my heart that Haitians are the tough­est, most re­silient peo­ple on Earth.”
30 Nov 2021
From: Between Us
Res­i­den­tial Schools: Cana­da’s In­dige­nous Shame
“The goal was to kill the In­di­an in the child.”
16 Nov 2021
West Africa: Voice of One’s Own
“There’s so much to be told about the sto­ries here that you can only hear, I think, if you are also a mi­nor­i­ty.”
26 Oct 2021
Eu­rope’s Mi­grants: Cap­tur­ing the Cri­sis
“The refugee cri­sis has moved me emo­tion­al­ly more than any­thing else in my ca­reer.”
14 Oct 2021
Darien Gap: A Mi­grant Jour­ney
“We were lis­ten­ing to sto­ries that make you feel pow­er­less, where you can­not help them”.
28 Sep 2021
Afghanistan’s 20 Years of War
“When you leave your house, you don’t know if you’ll come back home alive. That’s the lega­cy of this war.”
31 Aug 2021
Beirut Blast: A Year On
“There’s still a lot of trau­ma. There have been emo­tion­al scars, phys­i­cal scars.”
4 Aug 2021
Covid in In­dia: On the Sec­ond Wave
“None of us who are in In­dia have been un­touched.”
27 Jul 2021
Gaza: 11 Days in May
In Gaza there is a say­ing: “Yes­ter­day is bet­ter than to­day. To­day is bet­ter than to­mor­row be­cause there is no hope.”
29 Jun 2021
The Front­line: Is­rael-Pales­tine
“Af­ter four years liv­ing in Is­rael-Pales­tine, these have been some of the most de­press­ing days.”
20 May 2021
Chile’s In­dige­nous: The Ma­puche Fight
“The Ma­puche want their an­ces­tral lead­ers to be re­spect­ed and recog­nised by the Chilean state.”
12 May 2021
Cli­mate Change: Sto­ry of Our Time
“This mo­ment in his­to­ry is a real mo­ment of op­por­tu­ni­ty.”
13 Apr 2021
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