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From: Counting the Cost
Can Japan’s new prime minister tackle income inequality?
Japan has acknowledged its economic policy of the last 10 years has increased inequality.
27 Nov 2021
From: Counting the Cost
Why is Pfizer sharing its COVID-19 pill but not its vaccine?
As big pharma refuses to share its COVID vaccine secrets, the WHO hires a South African lab to crack the mRNA code.
20 Nov 2021
From: Counting the Cost
How climate change is leading to a rise in violence in the Sahel
The UN estimates 80 percent of the Sahel’s rain-fed farmland is affected by degradation due to erratic rainfall.
13 Nov 2021
From: Counting the Cost
The Western banks enabling big oil to exploit the Arctic
Despite climate change commitments, the banking industry provided $314bn for oil companies between 2016-2020.
6 Nov 2021
Bankruptcy and bailouts: When will the airline industry recover?
Airlines continue to receive life support from governments, totalling $243bn since the start of the pandemic.
30 Oct 2021
How creditors are cashing in on a G20 debt deal for poor nations
More than 40 low-income countries applied to the scheme but still ended up paying out $36.4bn.
23 Oct 2021
Can the US wrestle back influence in Latin America from China?
After ceding diplomatic and economic ground to Beijing, Washington hopes to win back its neighbours with new investment.
16 Oct 2021
Why plans to buy Asia’s coal plants will benefit Wall Street
The Asian Development Bank and the UK’s Prudential are developing a $120bn plan to buy coal plants in Asia.
9 Oct 2021
What is Angela Merkel’s economic legacy?
Once the sick man of Europe, Germany weathered the financial crisis and the Great Recession better than its neighbours.
2 Oct 2021
Is Russia to blame for Europe’s gas shortages?
International Energy Agency calls on Moscow to send more gas to head off an energy crisis amid concerns of shortages.
25 Sep 2021
Is this the end of China’s experiment with capitalism?
President Xi Jinping launches sweeping socialist reforms to address inequality in the world’s second-biggest economy.
18 Sep 2021
Have the BRICS moved the centre of economic and political power?
Representing 45% of the world’s population, some of these fast-growing countries have failed to live up to expectations.
11 Sep 2021
Do China’s ambitions in Indian Ocean go beyond protecting trade?
China has built ports in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Can India counter Beijing’s economic diplomacy?
4 Sep 2021
Russia’s hypersonic missiles: Can the world avert an arms race?
Moscow takes a lead in new technology that can evade conventional defences and fly at seven times the speed of sound.
28 Aug 2021
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