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Fault Lines
We live in a world run through with Fault Lines. Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines takes you beyond the headlines and holds the powerful to account as we examine the US’ role in the world. Contact us at
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From: Fault Lines
The Killing of Shireen Abu Ak­leh
Fault Lines in­ves­ti­gates the killing of Al Jazeera jour­nal­ist Shireen Abu Ak­leh by Is­raeli mil­i­tary forces.
1 Dec 2022
From: Fault Lines
No Coun­try for Haitians: De­port­ed from the US
We fol­low the lives of Haitians who have been de­port­ed from the US to a coun­try with ris­ing vi­o­lence and in­sta­bil­i­ty.
23 Nov 2022
From: Fault Lines
Blood­sport: How the NFL failed its Black play­ers
We in­ves­ti­gate the NFL’s fail­ure to com­pen­sate play­ers who suf­fered head trau­ma play­ing the most pop­u­lar US sport.
16 Nov 2022
From: Fault Lines
Si­lenced: The Killing of Jour­nal­ists in Mex­i­co
Fault Lines re­ports on the risks jour­nal­ists in Mex­i­co face try­ing to bring the truth to light.
9 Nov 2022
Im­puni­ty at the Bor­der: In­side US Bor­der Pa­trol’s ‘cov­er-up’ unit
We in­ves­ti­gate se­cre­tive units with­in the US Bor­der Pa­trol that have been ac­cused of cov­er­ing up agent mis­con­duct.
26 Oct 2022
The End of Roe: Liv­ing with­out abor­tion rights
In post-Roe Amer­i­ca, Fault Lines fol­lows a group of women forced to trav­el across state lines for an abor­tion.
31 Aug 2022
51 Years Be­hind Bars
We in­ves­ti­gate why Ten­nessee im­pos­es the longest sen­tences in the US for ju­ve­niles con­vict­ed of mur­der.
8 Jun 2022
Shad­ow Sys­tem: LA’s se­cre­tive sher­iff ‘gangs’
Fault Lines in­ves­ti­gates al­le­ga­tions of vi­o­lence and in­tim­i­da­tion by deputy ‘gangs’ with­in the LA Sher­iff’s De­part­ment.
11 May 2022
A Tox­ic Feed: So­cial me­dia and teen men­tal health
Fault Lines in­ves­ti­gates whether so­cial me­dia ex­ac­er­bates Amer­i­ca’s youth men­tal health cri­sis.
4 May 2022
Buried Truths: Amer­i­ca’s In­dige­nous Board­ing Schools
Fault Lines on the con­se­quences of a cen­tu­ry-long US pol­i­cy de­signed to dis­pos­sess In­dige­nous chil­dren of their cul­ture.
24 Nov 2021
When the Wa­ter Stopped: An Ore­gon town at its break­ing point
In the west­ern Unit­ed States, cli­mate change deep­ens a con­flict over wa­ter be­tween farm­ers and In­dige­nous tribes.
10 Nov 2021
Exit Hon­duras: A cli­mate in cri­sis
Fault Lines re­ports from Hon­duras on how cli­mate change is up­end­ing lives and in­creas­ing mi­gra­tion.
27 Oct 2021
Un­re­lin­quished: When Amer­i­ca’s gun laws fail abuse vic­tims
An ex­clu­sive in­ves­ti­ga­tion ex­pos­es how US gun laws have failed to pre­vent do­mes­tic abusers from killing their part­ners.
20 Oct 2021
The Jim Crow Con­vic­tions
Fault Lines in­ves­ti­gates the racist past and on­go­ing im­pact of non-unan­i­mous jury con­vic­tions in US state of Louisiana.
4 Oct 2021
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