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From: Fault Lines
The Texas Blackout
During a massive winter storm, why did the state’s power grid fail millions of Texans?
16 Jun 2021
From: Fault Lines
Failure to Protect: How domestic violence separates families
In Florida, survivors of domestic violence can lose custody of their children. Is the state blaming victims of abuse?
9 Jun 2021
From: Fault Lines
No Consent: Did a doctor abuse immigrant women?
At a Georgia immigrant detention center, women accuse a gynaecologist of performing procedures they did not consent to.
26 May 2021
From: Fault Lines
Shelter in Place: LA’s fight for housing in a pandemic
Fault Lines follows homeless families in Los Angeles who take a bold risk by moving into vacant houses.
19 May 2021
Capitol attack: Where will the GOP go after Trump?
Fault Lines asks what the US Capitol riots and their aftermath signal for the Republican party’s future.
12 May 2021
The Great Divide: COVID-19 and race in Chicago
We examine how the pandemic’s effect on Black and Latino communities exposes deep racial inequities in a divided city.
18 Nov 2020
The End of a Presidency: Trump’s Loss in a Divided America
We ask what a turbulent 2020 presidential election foreshadows for America’s political parties.
10 Nov 2020
When COVID Hit: America’s Nursing Home Nightmare
We report on how an elder care system already in crisis imploded under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic.
4 Nov 2020
Pandemic in Prison: The San Quentin Outbreak
How a botched transfer between two California prisons led to one of the largest coronavirus clusters in the US.
28 Oct 2020
Virus on the Poultry Line
Fault Lines investigates why COVID-19 ravaged US poultry plants and what companies could have done to manage the spread.
21 Oct 2020
Moment of Reckoning: Racism and Police in America
Reforms haven’t stopped police from killing Black people at alarmingly high rates. Now protesters want to defund police.
23 Sep 2020
America’s Pandemic Workers
We examine the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on essential workers in the US and the risks to their health and safety.
17 Jun 2020
Conspiracy to Massacre: Anti-Semitism in America
We examine violent attacks against Jewish Americans in the US and the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories behind them.
10 Jun 2020
Afghanistan: Civilian Loss in the US Air War
Civilian casualties investigated amid a surging air campaign as US prepares for possible withdrawal from Afghanistan.
3 Jun 2020
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