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Can the 2015 nuclear deal be revived?
Iran says a deal for the revival of the 2015 nuclear agreement is within reach, if the West can show goodwill.
By Inside Story
3 Dec 2021
Inside Story
What’s behind Burkina Faso’s latest military coup attempt?
Is the bubble about to burst for Bitcoin?
Can tensions about Ukraine be defused?
Can we live with COVID?
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Iran chief ne­go­tia­tor says nu­clear pro­pos­als ‘can­not be re­ject­ed’
Ali Bagheri Kani tells Al Jazeera Iran will sub­mit third pro­pos­al once first two are ac­cept­ed by Vi­en­na ne­go­tia­tors.
3 Dec 2021
Iran says nu­clear deal ‘with­in reach’ if West shows good­will
Iran pro­vides Eu­ro­pean pow­ers in­volved in the 2015 nu­clear deal two drafts on sanc­tions re­moval, nu­clear com­mit­ments.
2 Dec 2021
Why Iran may be­come a la­tent nu­clear state
The gloom over Vi­en­na nu­clear talks could bring doom to the Mid­dle East.
Mar­wan Bishara
29 Nov 2021
Why is Mexico still the most dangerous country for journalists?
What’s behind Burkina Faso’s latest military coup attempt?
Why do domestic workers in Lebanon still face abuse?
Is the bubble about to burst for Bitcoin?
A simple guide to the Ukraine-Russia crisis: 5 things to know
UK says Russia has ‘placed gun to Ukraine’s head’
Why you may not get COVID-19 even when those around you have it
Who is Paul-Henri Damiba, leader of the Burkina Faso coup?
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