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From: People & Power
Crisis … What Crisis?
Why have governments so far failed to take the tough but necessary action required to tackle global warming?
4 Nov 2021
From: People & Power
Colombia: Killing the Peace
Have this year’s protests in Colombia reignited a deadly uprising supposedly settled five years ago?
7 Oct 2021
From: People & Power
Dead White Man’s Clothes
We investigate the environmental consequences of Ghana accepting used clothing from the global north.
30 Sep 2021
From: People & Power
Bulgaria: At the Crossroads
Will growing public disgust at political corruption be enough to bring change to Bulgaria?
19 Aug 2021
Myanmar: An Uneasy Alliance
Can pro-democracy activists and ethnic nationalists join forces to overthrow Myanmar’s brutal military regime?
31 Jul 2021
The Shameful Camp
Investigating the shocking living conditions at a Greek island camp for refugees trying to get into Europe.
22 Jul 2021
Under the cover of COVID
Have measures taken in the name of defeating COVID-19 also damaged civil liberties?
8 Jul 2021
Brazil’s Amazonian Battle
Amid growing climate anxiety, we investigate the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest under President Jair Bolsonaro.
1 Jul 2021
Saving New York
Can New York adapt to the changing living patterns seen in all major global cities during the COVID pandemic?
24 Jun 2021
South Africa: My Father Died For This
Can the perpetrators of a notorious apartheid-era crime finally be brought to justice in South Africa?
6 May 2021
The Bay of Piglets
We investigate a preposterous attempt by mercenaries to capture and overthrow Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela.
29 Apr 2021
Poland’s Church and State Alliance
We investigate claims that the church and state in Poland have become too close.
8 Apr 2021
The Cost of Cobalt
Is the West’s growing appetite for cobalt causing birth defects in the Democratic Republic of Congo?
1 Apr 2021
Inside the Sinaloa Cartel
People and Power investigates the activities of the world’s most powerful drug cartel.
18 Mar 2021
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