From: People & Power
Poland’s Church and State Alliance
We investigate claims that the church and state in Poland have become too close.
8 Apr 2021
People & Power
The Trial of Anwar Raslan
Namibia: The Price of Genocide
The Battle for Belarus
Crisis … What Crisis?
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From: Al Jazeera Close Up
‘Real Autism’ in Poland | Close Up
Bartek ‘doesn’t have a prob­lem’ and isn’t ‘sick’. He has As­perg­er’s and is on a mis­sion to chal­lenge stereo­types.
13 Jan 2021
From: People & Power
Fin­land’s Cli­mate War­riors
Will Fin­land’s de­pen­dence on peat as a fos­sil fuel stand in the way of its car­bon-cut­ting tar­gets?
7 Jan 2021
The Cost of Cobalt
Is the West’s grow­ing ap­petite for cobalt caus­ing birth de­fects in the De­mo­c­ra­t­ic Re­pub­lic of Con­go?
1 Apr 2021
From: People & Power
In­side the Sinaloa Car­tel
Peo­ple and Pow­er in­ves­ti­gates the ac­tiv­i­ties of the world’s most pow­er­ful drug car­tel.
18 Mar 2021
Diaby: The Away Game
The Trial of Anwar Raslan
Japan’s Pet Otter Obsession
Scrapyard Anoumabo: An Ivory Coast businessman
Muslim girls wearing Hijab barred from classes at Indian college
NATO chief invites Russia to new talks as Ukraine tensions mount
Tonga says it is facing ‘unprecedented disaster’, many missing
UK gives Ukraine anti-tank weapons as Canada sends special forces
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