Planet SOS
Every part of the globe is feeling the heat of the climate and ecological emergency. Many of the world’s leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of irreversible and adverse changes to the earth’s climate. Al Jazeera’s environmental show Planet SOS explores the issues around climate, nature and pollution that make up the crisis facing the planet.
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From: Planet SOS
Forests, fire, fuel: Cli­mate bat­tles on Eu­rope’s front line
We trav­el across Eu­rope from fire-dev­as­tat­ed Greece, to the plun­dered forests of Ro­ma­nia and the coal­fields of Poland.
25 Oct 2021
From: Planet SOS
Vikings, min­ing, Elvis: The sto­ry of Green­land’s melt­ing ice cap
We trav­el to the re­mote edge of the ice sheet to dis­cov­er the ef­fect of the cli­mate cri­sis on the Arc­tic en­vi­ron­ment.
19 Oct 2021
From: Planet SOS
Plan­et SOS: Stale­mate at COP25 as Earth con­tin­ues to warm
Na­tions fail to re­solve dif­fer­ences over how to han­dle cli­mate change, but sci­en­tists and civ­il so­ci­ety keep fight­ing.
16 Dec 2019
From: Planet SOS
Pro­tect­ing Earth’s wa­ter and life that de­pends on it
Plan­et SOS ex­plores the bat­tle for scarce wa­ter re­sources amid cli­mate cri­sis. Plus, COP25 in Madrid.
8 Dec 2019
Plan­et SOS: Trans­form­ing how we use land and its re­sources
A Plan­et SOS spe­cial on how the way we use land is both con­tribut­ing to and af­fect­ed by the glob­al cli­mate cri­sis.
30 Nov 2019
Plan­et SOS: Where will cli­mate refugees go when the tide ris­es?
We trav­el to the is­land na­tion of Palau to ex­plore the im­pact of ris­ing seas and warm­ing wa­ters due to cli­mate change.
23 Nov 2019
Plan­et SOS: What to do as the Arc­tic melts?
We ex­am­ine the melt­ing ice sheets and glac­i­ers of the Arc­tic that have un­locked a con­tro­ver­sial min­er­al wealth.
13 Oct 2019
Plan­et SOS: Eco­log­i­cal crises af­fect­ing our plan­et
Most ex­ten­sive study into life on Earth says nat­ur­al world is in de­cline. We talk to those try­ing to save it.
7 Oct 2019
Plan­et SOS: Dy­ing oceans and the con­se­quences for life on Earth
Melt­ing ice, ris­ing seas, warm­ing oceans – are we run­ning out of time to stave off the worst ef­fects of cli­mate change?
28 Sep 2019
Plan­et SOS: Voic­es from the front lines of the cli­mate cri­sis
From the jun­gles of French Guiana to So­ma­lia and New York, we look at the is­sues be­hind the cri­sis fac­ing our plan­et.
21 Sep 2019
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