Radicalised Youth
What drives youth radicalisation? This six-part documentary series presents a generational portrait of the radical youth of our time, their conflicts and motivations, their families and surroundings. It explores how and why young people are drawn to hardline groups: often illegal, often deadly and on the rise.
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From: Radicalised Youth
Re­think­ing Rad­i­cal­i­sa­tion
How the West’s deal­ing with per­ceived threats of a post-9/11 world af­fects young peo­ple vul­ner­a­ble to rad­i­cal­i­sa­tion.
18 Dec 2018
From: Radicalised Youth
Red or Death: A Basque Dream of In­de­pen­dence
How young Basques use foot­ball to af­firm their iden­ti­ty and pol­i­tics by fight­ing with the fans of op­pos­ing teams.
11 Dec 2018
From: Radicalised Youth
Nev­er Again: Amer­i­ca’s Bat­tle of the Bul­lets
How sur­viv­ing a high school mass shoot­ing has turned some stu­dents into ac­tivists for and against US gun con­trol re­form.
4 Dec 2018
From: Radicalised Youth
Daugh­ters of al-Shabab
What draws Kenyan women to join al-Shabab and what chal­lenges are they fac­ing when they re­turn to their com­mu­ni­ties?
27 Nov 2018
Prej­u­dice and Pride in Hun­gary: In­side the Far Right
What is dri­ving Hun­gary’s youth to­wards vi­o­lent far-right move­ments?
21 Nov 2018
Thou Shalt Not Kill: Is­rael’s Hill­top Youth
Meet the hard­line group will­ing to do any­thing, in­clud­ing go­ing against their gov­ern­ment, to claim land for Is­rael.
13 Nov 2018
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