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Start Here takes the big news stories and breaks them down. The world is complicated, the news doesn’t have to be.
Sandra Gathmann
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From: Start Here
Is AI out of con­trol? | Start Here
What is ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence and why are many gov­ern­ments try­ing to reg­u­late it?
23 Jun 2022
From: Start Here
Who is Vladimir Putin? | Start Here
What has shaped Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin and how has he shaped Rus­sia?
15 Jun 2022
From: Start Here
Mon­key­pox Ex­plained | Start Here
What is mon­key­pox and should we be wor­ried?
2 Jun 2022
From: Start Here
North Ko­rea’s COVID Out­break | Start Here
How bad is COVID in North Ko­rea?
26 May 2022
Shireen Abu Ak­leh – What hap­pened? | Start Here
What we know about the killing of Pales­tin­ian jour­nal­ist Shireen Abu Ak­leh.
18 May 2022
What’s hap­pen­ing in Sri Lan­ka? | Start Here
Sri Lan­ka is fac­ing eco­nom­ic ruin and a po­lit­i­cal cri­sis.
16 May 2022
Pak­istan’s Po­lit­i­cal Tur­moil | Start Here
How She­hbaz Sharif re­placed Im­ran Khan as Pak­istan’s prime min­is­ter.
25 Apr 2022
NATO’s East­ern Front | Start Here
Has the war in Ukraine giv­en NATO new pur­pose?
19 Apr 2022
War in Ukraine – The Hu­man Im­pact | Start Here
What is hap­pen­ing where and the im­pact on peo­ple.
16 Mar 2022
Risks of a No-fly Zone | Start Here
Why NATO is rul­ing out a no-fly zone in Ukraine
9 Mar 2022
Who is Volodymyr Ze­len­skyy? | Start Here
Pres­i­dent Ze­len­skyy: from co­me­di­an to com­man­der-in-chief
3 Mar 2022
Wag­ing eco­nom­ic war on Rus­sia | Start Here
How West­ern sanc­tions could crip­ple Rus­sia’s econ­o­my.
1 Mar 2022
Rus­sia Moves on Ukraine | Start Here
Why the Rus­sia-Ukraine cri­sis just got much worse
23 Feb 2022
The Re­lent­less Rise of Food Prices | Start Here
Why are food prices ris­ing?
21 Feb 2022
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