From: Talk to Al Jazeera
Paul Kagame: Transforming Rwanda
The President of Rwanda discusses his country’s evolution since the 1994 genocide.
20 Nov 2021
Talk to Al Jazeera
Martin Guzman: Argentina vs IMF?
Inger Ashing: Are we failing to protect vulnerable children?
Maria Grazia Chiuri: Does the devil wear Dior?
Christian Schmidt: How effectively is Bosnia being governed?
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From: Inside Story
Why has ‘Ho­tel Rwan­da’ hero been jailed?
Paul Rus­esabag­i­na saved lives dur­ing the Rwan­dan geno­cide but has been sen­tenced to 25 years in jail for ‘ter­ror­ism.’
21 Sep 2021
From: Inside Story
Are Rwan­dans pay­ing a price for peace af­ter the geno­cide?
Pres­i­dent Paul Kagame has over­seen an eco­nom­ic boom but crit­ics ar­gue he has sti­fled dis­sent and po­lit­i­cal op­po­si­tion.
7 Apr 2019
From: The Listening Post
Fe­li­cien Kabuga: The man who put hate on Rwan­da’s air­waves
The sto­ry of Fe­li­cien Kabuga, the role he played in Rwan­da’s geno­cide and how he evad­ed jus­tice for 26 years.
5 Sep 2020
From: Al Jazeera World
Rwan­da: From ha­tred to rec­on­cil­i­a­tion
The sto­ry of the 1994 Rwan­dan geno­cide told through the prism of the me­dia, ex­plor­ing their role then and to­day.
29 Sep 2015
Joe Biden one year: How has the US economy fared?
Boris Johnson takes a swipe at the BBC
Martin Guzman: Argentina vs IMF?
Can we live with COVID?
Airbus cancels $6bn contract with Qatar Airways after paint fight
Pfizer, Moderna boosters up to 90% effective against Omicron: CDC
US suspends flights by China carriers after Beijing COVID move
Syria: Deadly fighting rages on between ISIL, Kurdish forces
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