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Steve Clemons is editor at large of The Hill and is host of The Bottom Line on the global network of Al Jazeera English
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From: The Bottom Line
Is the world really making progress on climate change?
Governments and corporations say they are getting serious, but what’s real and what’s ‘greenwashing’?
14 Oct 2021
From: The Bottom Line
The tug of war within the US Democratic Party
Long-simmering conflicts between the progressive and centrist wings of the Democratic Party are boiling over.
7 Oct 2021
From: The Bottom Line
What’s behind the scandal of World Bank country rankings?
Investigation finds the institution succumbed to pressure to knock some countries, boost others in its annual reports.
30 Sep 2021
From: The Bottom Line
Are Turkey-US relations getting warmer?
Afghanistan is bringing Ankara and Washington together after years of acrimony between the two NATO allies.
23 Sep 2021
Did the pandemic signal the end of the American era?
Anthropologist Wade Davis argues that racism and wealth disparity have eroded social solidarity among Americans.
17 Sep 2021
20 years later: How has 9/11 changed the world?
Did al-Qaeda’s attack on the US on September 11, 2001, change the way Americans deal with the world – and each other?
9 Sep 2021
Will the world ever be able to move beyond the coronavirus?
The former director of the CDC talks about the Delta variant, booster shots and the world’s unvaccinated.
3 Sep 2021
Should the US have stayed in Afghanistan longer?
Critics of the hasty exit from Afghanistan warn about long-term implications for the United States and its partners.
27 Aug 2021
Will cryptocurrencies run traditional banks out of business?
While some argue that it’s a hyped-up scam, others predict Bitcoin will hit $100,000 before the end of 2021.
19 Aug 2021
The US is leaving Afghanistan, but what is it leaving behind?
After 20 years of direct intervention, Washington decides that the future of Afghanistan is for its people to decide.
12 Aug 2021
Can anything be done to stop our phones from spying on us?
The end of privacy: A global investigation exposes the scope and danger posed by Israeli spyware Pegasus.
5 Aug 2021
Is the US leading a new nuclear arms race?
The US speaks of non-proliferation but is spending billions to upgrade its nuclear arsenal.
29 Jul 2021
Is US politics more toxic today than it was 50 years ago?
Veteran journalist Chris Matthews reflects on politics, American style.
22 Jul 2021
What’s behind the US trade in exotic animals?
A new film follows baby exotic animals from cute appearances on US TV shows to often wretched conditions later on.
15 Jul 2021
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