From: The Bottom Line
Can the US promote democracy worldwide?
With democratic norms under attack at home, what are the prospects for Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’?
2 Dec 2021
The Bottom Line
Is the ‘Great Resignation’ a real thing?
January 6: Will every major US election be followed by riots?
The mixed legacy of Angela Merkel
How did the US become a major hub for stolen ancient artefacts?
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From: The Bottom Line
Democ­ra­cy vs hypocrisy: Biden’s ‘Sum­mit for Democ­ra­cy’
Wash­ing­ton has in­vit­ed 108 coun­tries to at­tend the vir­tu­al con­fer­ence this De­cem­ber. Who is in the club, and who is out?
25 Nov 2021
From: The Bottom Line
Are US De­moc­rats fac­ing a smack­down in next year’s elec­tion?
The Re­pub­li­can Par­ty reaps the re­wards as Biden’s ap­proval rat­ings sink and De­moc­rats wal­low in in­ter­nal squab­bles.
11 Nov 2021
From: Democracy Maybe
My Life for Democ­ra­cy
Young ac­tivists in Myan­mar and Thai­land risk their lives and face im­pris­on­ment in their fight for democ­ra­cy.
4 Nov 2021
From: Democracy Maybe
How Democ­ra­cy Dies
A look at Hun­gary and Myan­mar and how they ex­pose some of democ­ra­cy’s dif­fer­ent vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties.
20 Oct 2021
What’s behind the Houthis’ attack on the UAE?
What if prisons were more humane?
Can Afghanistan avoid a hunger crisis?
Can the US solve its unprecedented blood shortage?
Muslim girls wearing Hijab barred from classes at Indian college
NATO chief invites Russia to new talks as Ukraine tensions mount
Houthi drone attacks expose UAE vulnerabilities, say analysts
Tonga says facing ‘unprecedented disaster’, UN prepares relief
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