From: The Bottom Line
Can Biden change US attitudes towards migrants and immigration?
After years of anti-migrant rhetoric and strict border controls, the US president promises a more immigration-friendly policy.
15 Apr 2021
The Bottom Line
Is the ‘Great Resignation’ a real thing?
January 6: Will every major US election be followed by riots?
The mixed legacy of Angela Merkel
How did the US become a major hub for stolen ancient artefacts?
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From: The Stream
Is Biden do­ing any bet­ter for mi­grant chil­dren?
Thou­sands of chil­dren re­main in bor­der fa­cil­i­ties and fed­er­al cus­tody.
17 Mar 2021
From: The Bottom Line
How can Biden con­front white su­prema­cy?
White na­tion­al­ists are ramp­ing up re­cruit­ment and ac­tiv­i­ty while US pres­i­dent sees threat of ‘po­lit­i­cal ex­trem­ism’.
18 Feb 2021
From: The Stream
Can Biden cool ten­sions with Iran?
In­com­ing US pres­i­dent open to re­join­ing in­ter­na­tion­al nu­clear pact but in­sists on Iran­ian con­ces­sions first.
23 Feb 2021
From: The Bottom Line
Will Biden’s anti-Chi­na al­liance work?
US re­la­tions with Chi­na will range from ‘co­op­er­a­tive’ to ‘ad­ver­sar­i­al’ – no mat­ter what.
18 Mar 2021
Can the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees survive?
Will ‘partygate’ finish Boris Johnson?
What’s behind the Houthis’ attack on the UAE?
What if prisons were more humane?
First relief flight lands in tsunami-hit Tonga, more on way
US and Russia dig in over Ukraine crisis as Blinken visits Kyiv
International airlines suspend some flights to US over 5G
Putin and Raisi back closer ties in Kremlin meeting
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