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Richard Gizbert created The Listening Post for Al Jazeera and has hosted the programme since its debut in 2006.
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From: The Listening Post
The Beirut blast probe: A tale of distrust and disinformation
Why is discourse about the investigation into the Beirut blast so polarised? And the Russian law affecting journalists.
23 Oct 2021
From: The Listening Post
What this year’s Nobel Prize says about the global media climate
Who are the journalists who won the Nobel Peace Prize and what’s their message? Plus, the US military-gaming complex.
16 Oct 2021
From: The Listening Post
Outages, leaks and bad headlines: Facebook’s nightmare week
At Facebook, a whistleblower goes public amid a disastrous service outage. And in Egypt, online influencers under fire.
9 Oct 2021
From: The Listening Post
Kidnap or Kill: The CIA’s plot against WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange
Why isn’t the CIA’s plan to kidnap Julian Assange making more headlines? And the nuances of translating literary works.
2 Oct 2021
Drone exposé: The journalism that forced the Pentagon’s mea culpa
The investigations that proved a US military strike killed civilians in Afghanistan. Plus, Canada’s residential schools.
25 Sep 2021
China: Regulating superstars, superfans and big tech
Are China’s new regulations designed to benefit society or the Communist Party? Plus, activists vs statues in Colombia.
18 Sep 2021
Reporting the ‘end’ of the Afghan war 20 years after 9/11
What lessons has the media learned in 20 years of the ‘War on Terror’? Also, Afghan media under the Taliban.
11 Sep 2021
The Forever War: 20 Years After 9/11
A documentary edition of the show on 20 years of the ‘War on Terror’ and the role US media have played therein.
4 Sep 2021
Pegasus: Flying on the wings of Israeli ‘cyber-tech diplomacy’?
What role did Israel play in the spread of an insidious piece of malware? Plus, PR companies and controversial states.
31 Jul 2021
Pegasus Project: Malware used against journalists and dissidents
The global epidemic of surveillance using malicious spyware. Plus, Bild’s battle for political influence in Germany.
24 Jul 2021
Cuba: Protesters move from social media to the streets
Cuban government imposes internet blackouts and jams communications. Also, the rise of socially conscious sports stars.
17 Jul 2021
Hong Kong: Broken promises
We look at the erosion of free speech, the squeeze on civil liberties and new stringent laws in Hong Kong.
4 Jul 2021
Iran’s new president: What’s next for the country’s media?
President-elect Ebrahim Raisi’s track record is largely off limits for discussion among Iranians.
26 Jun 2021
Nigeria: The tweet that got Twitter banned
Is the Nigerian government’s Twitter ban more about controlling dissent than about regulating the platform?
19 Jun 2021
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