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#FIFArabCup: Will Qatar score as host?
30 Nov 2021
The Stream
Tonga volcano: What now?
Will ‘partygate’ finish Boris Johnson?
What if prisons were more humane?
Can the US solve its unprecedented blood shortage?
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Vi­su­al­is­ing the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup
Twen­ty-three coun­tries, 64 years and near­ly 2,000 match­es. Here’s how the Arab World plays foot­ball.
25 Nov 2021
FIFA to test semi-au­to­mat­ed off­side VAR at Arab Cup
Cam­era sys­tem to be set up on the roof of each sta­di­um, in­for­ma­tion re­layed to a video as­sis­tant who can alert ref­er­ee.
29 Nov 2021
Is­rael says FIFA wants it to host 2030 World Cup with neigh­bours
In­fan­ti­no be­came the first head of FIFA to vis­it Is­rael and sug­gest a joint Is­rael-Arab bid for the 2030 World Cup.
13 Oct 2021
Qatar and FIFA to mark two years to World Cup 2022 kick-off
Qatar will be the first Mid­dle East and Arab ma­jor­i­ty coun­try to host the event, promis­ing a ‘unique ex­pe­ri­ence’.
20 Nov 2020
Can tensions about Ukraine be defused?
Joe Biden one year: How has the US economy fared?
Boris Johnson takes a swipe at the BBC
Martin Guzman: Argentina vs IMF?
Airbus cancels $6bn contract with Qatar Airways after paint fight
Omicron ‘sub-variant’ throws up new virus questions
US military aid arrives in Ukraine amid Russia border tensions
Pfizer, Moderna boosters up to 90% effective against Omicron: CDC
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