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From: Witness
The Wall of Shadows: A Sherpa’s moral dilemma
A Sherpa family considers breaking a taboo to climb the most sacred and dangerous mountain in the Himalayas.
1 Dec 2021
From: Witness
Am I Danish?: Ibrahim vs the Ghetto Laws
Ibrahim questions what it means to be Danish in his fight to stop Denmark’s controversial ghetto laws.
29 Nov 2021
From: Witness
Mapuche Teen Rap Queen: Chile’s Indigenous Gen Z
A teen rapper in Chile joins a festival in Mapuche territory to connect with her native roots and highlight injustice.
16 Nov 2021
From: Witness
The Women of Standing Rock: Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline
At the Standing Rock protests, Indigenous American women united to protect their land and water.
11 Nov 2021
Blood on our Side: Mexico’s Forensic Investigators
Under inspection, a forensic investigator leads her unit to crime scenes in one of Mexico’s most violent cities.
8 Nov 2021
Anote’s Ark: The sinking islands of Kiribati
The president of a sinking Pacific island nation became a leading voice in global climate change diplomacy.
4 Nov 2021
Capturing Change: Australia’s Black Summer Warning
Matthew Abbott’s photos of Australia’s catastrophic bushfires serve as a warning to the world.
31 Oct 2021
Radio silence: The cost of uncovering the truth in Mexico
Carmen Aristegui is a well-known Mexican journalist who refuses to be intimidated by powerful and corrupt forces.
27 Oct 2021
At The Coalface: The impact of Mongolia’s fight for clean air
A Mongolian coal miner struggles to survive as a ban on the use of raw coal takes effect.
25 Oct 2021
Manila Lockdown: One of the longest COVID lockdowns in the world
During the COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines, Lito wonders which is the bigger threat – the virus or hunger?
19 Oct 2021
Stateless: Fighting for racial justice in the Dominican Republic
A young lawyer fights for citizenship rights for all people in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
14 Oct 2021
Push: The Global Housing Crisis
Leilani Farha leads an investigation into the global housing crisis for the United Nations.
30 Sep 2021
Miscarriage of Justice: A fight for women’s rights in El Salvador
The empowering story of Teodora Vasquez who was imprisoned for 10 years under El Salvador’s strict abortion law.
24 Sep 2021
A Child of Afghanistan: 20 Years of War
An epic coming-of-age story that follows Mir as he grows up over the course of 20 years of war in Afghanistan.
15 Sep 2021
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