Arab Spring: 10 years on
Egypt’s first post-Mubarak ruler, Hussein Tantawi, dies aged 85
Egypt’s former military ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi has died aged 85, Egypt’s presidency said.
21 Sep 2021
How photographing Yemen during the uprising changed me
Taking an award-winning photo helped one Spanish photographer connect with a country rarely seen beyond the stereotypes.
25 Aug 2021
‘Defining moment’: What’s next for Tunisia’s Ennahdha?
Tunisia’s largest parliamentary party faces an existential threat after President Saied assumed executive powers.
3 Aug 2021
Life and death at the Dar Al Shifa hospital on Aleppo’s front line
Revisiting five months in a hospital that was at the heart of Syria’s rebellion.
26 May 2021
Photographing Ali, Aleppo, and the ‘mother of all battles’
A photojournalist who covered Syria’s civil war tells the story of a young rebel fighter he met.
5 May 2021
Alephia 2053: Animated thriller strikes a chord in Arab world
Set in 2053, it follows group of undercover agents plotting to take down hereditary ruler.
29 Apr 2021
‘Yemen’s uprising was magical, spiritual, powerful’
But that all changed when government forces fired on peaceful protesters. A Yemeni demonstrator remembers that day.
27 Apr 2021
The Arab Spring has been misunderstood
A decade after the Arab Spring, Westerners’ perceptions of events and Arabs’ perceptions of themselves remain muddled.
18 Apr 2021
Photographing the final days of Gaddafi and his last stronghold
A photojournalist describes capturing some of the most memorable moments of the war in Libya.
8 Apr 2021
A cry for mercy: A snapshot of Aleppo during Syria’s uprising
“He carried his son – the same way he had many times before – crossing the hall to the front door, where he crumbled.”
6 Apr 2021
Arab Spring Cartoon: Citizen Journalism from Syria to Sudan
What can we learn from the failures and successes of revolutions in the Arab world over the last 10 years?
26 Mar 2021
‘I wish I would die’: Syrians tortured in Lebanon, report says
Lebanese military intelligence officers committed violations against Syrian refugees including torture, Amnesty says.
23 Mar 2021
Syrian refugees’ plight in Lebanon 10 years after the uprising
Lebanon hosts the largest per capita population of Syrian refugees in the world, providing shelter to 1.7 million.
19 Mar 2021
Syria launches COVID vaccine drive as Israel questions swirl
Many in Syria say it is an open secret the vaccine is Russia’s Sputnik V that had been bought by Israel.
17 Mar 2021
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