Detained US journalist makes appearance in Myanmar court
Danny Fenster makes appearance on ‘incitement’ charge, but US consular authorities have not yet been granted visitation.
17 Jun 2021
US Congress chips away at law used to justify Soleimani strike
House of Representatives votes to repeal 2002 authorisation of Iraq war as President Biden backs a review of US posture.
17 Jun 2021
Colombia investigating after car bomb injures 36 at military base
Defence ministry says two men drove a Toyota truck onto military base in city of Cucuta, near border with Venezuela.
16 Jun 2021
‘She just vanished’: Ethiopian domestic workers abused in Lebanon
For decades Ethiopians have flocked to Lebanon in search of work. But many find a cycle of abuse that’s hard to escape.
16 Jun 2021
Eritrean troops in Tigray to ‘leave soon’: Ethiopia UN envoy
Move would be welcomed by the UN whose humanitarian chief accused Eritrean troops of using starvation as a weapon.
16 Jun 2021
UK envoy warns of famine threat in Ethiopia’s Tigray region
An estimated 350,000 people in Tigray are facing hunger on a scale not seen since the famine in Somalia.
16 Jun 2021
Afghan deminers to ‘continue to save lives’ despite deadly attack
HALO Trust, whose 10 demining workers were killed last week, says will stay in the country after foreign troops leave.
16 Jun 2021
‘Myanmar is like a slaughterhouse now. People are killed daily’
Civilians are training with ethnic armed groups and setting up cells in cities, but face a formidably armed military.
15 Jun 2021
US House to vote to repeal Iraq war authorisation
Symbolic vote expected later this week as lawmakers and Joe Biden seek to revise legal basis for US military action.
15 Jun 2021
Schools occupied, attacked amid turmoil of post-coup Myanmar
Save the Children says 103 schools and other education facilities attacked in May as coup-triggered chaos continues.
14 Jun 2021
‘Betrayed’: The Afghan interpreters abandoned by the US
Hundreds of Afghans who assisted the US military with interpreting have found themselves abandoned.
13 Jun 2021
Former Colombia leader asks pardon for army killings of civilians
Former president Santos asks forgiveness for deaths of thousands during armed conflict with left-wing fighters.
11 Jun 2021
Bitcoin Beach, child labour, Oman’s youth and an $18.9M coin
We gather the numbers to know from the week’s biggest economic news stories so you can impress your friends.
11 Jun 2021
US sanctions Iran-based money network funding Yemen’s Houthis
Action comes as US also lifts sanction on three former Iranian government officials and two companies.
10 Jun 2021
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