Coronavirus pandemic
Tokyo’s daily COVID cases hit record high
New infections in Tokyo surged to a record high of 4,058, a day after Japan decided to extend states of emergency.
31 Jul 2021
China races to curb Delta-fuelled COVID outbreak, worst in months
High contagiousness of Delta variant combined with the peak tourist season leads to new cases in several provinces.
31 Jul 2021
Hundreds take to Kuala Lumpur’s streets in anti-gov’t protest
Demonstraters demand embattled PM Muhyiddin Yassin resign over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
31 Jul 2021
Charity alone will not end the calamity of COVID-19 in Africa
In the absence of vaccines, accountability, rather than charity, may be the continent’s best route out of the pandemic.
Patrick Gathara
31 Jul 2021
Partial lockdown in Karachi after alarming rise in COVID cases
Sindh’s chief minister said a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases flooded hospitals in Karachi, the provincial capital.
31 Jul 2021
Could Bali’s unvaccinated visitors create a new COVID hotspot?
The resort island of Bali has rushed out vaccines so it can reopen to tourists, but not everyone is included.
31 Jul 2021
Australia’s third-largest city of Brisbane enters COVID lockdown
Millions in and around the city will be placed under stay-at-home orders from Saturday afternoon for three days.
31 Jul 2021
US sues Texas governor to halt new migrant order
Justice Department aims to block an order framed as an anti-COVID measure that targets undocumented immigrants.
30 Jul 2021
Walmart, largest US employer, orders staff to vaccinate
The mandate covers all campus staff as well as market, regional and divisional employees, the retailer said.
30 Jul 2021
Exxon posts biggest quarterly profit in a year, exceeds estimates
Exxon’s upbeat results show how oil producers are using the rally in prices to cut debt and boost shareholder payouts.
30 Jul 2021
US consumer spending rose more than expected in June
As more places reopened and people got COVID-19 jabs, consumers confidently spent money at restaurants and stores.
30 Jul 2021
Nasdaq, S&P 500 tumble as Amazon has worst day since March 2020
Other tech behemoths – including Apple Inc, Google parent Alphabet Inc, and Facebook Inc – also took a dip.
30 Jul 2021
Kenya bans in-person meetings, public gatherings as COVID surges
Hospitals becoming overwhelmed as East African country witnesses a jump in cases from the Delta variant.
30 Jul 2021
Japan expands state of emergency due to COVID surge
Emergency measures in Tokyo will be extended until the end of August, after the Olympics as COVID overshadows the games.
30 Jul 2021
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