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Drone Strikes
Shrap­nel wounds 12 as Sau­di de­fences blow up drone near air­port
Trav­ellers among those hurt by falling de­bris af­ter Sau­di air de­fences in­ter­cept drone near Abha air­port.
10 Feb 2022
Time­line: UAE un­der drone, mis­sile at­tacks
Houthi rebels have claimed sev­er­al at­tacks on the UAE over the past week amid a new phase war in the war in Yemen.
3 Feb 2022
US de­fence chief or­ders mil­i­tary to bet­ter pro­tect civil­ians
Lloyd Austin’s memo comes amid con­dem­na­tion of US drone at­tacks that killed civil­ians in Mid­dle East, Afghanistan.
27 Jan 2022
From: Inside Story
What’s be­hind the Houthis’ at­tack on the UAE?
At least three killed in drone at­tacks on oil fa­cil­i­ties near Abu Dhabi air­port.
18 Jan 2022
Kab­ul drone at­tack: US ad­vo­cates de­cry ‘im­puni­ty, se­cre­cy’
Ac­tivists call for more over­sight af­ter Pen­ta­gon de­cides against pun­ish­ing army of­fi­cials for bomb­ing that killed 10.
14 Dec 2021
US will not pun­ish troops for dead­ly Kab­ul drone at­tack
Pen­ta­gon says it does ‘not an­tic­i­pate is­sues of per­son­al ac­count­abil­i­ty’ over bomb­ing that killed 10 Afghan civil­ians.
13 Dec 2021
No mis­con­duct in dead­ly US drone at­tack in Kab­ul: Pen­ta­gon re­view
US mil­i­tary drone at­tack in the Afghan cap­i­tal in late Au­gust killed 10 civil­ians, in­clud­ing sev­en chil­dren.
3 Nov 2021
Apol­o­gy ‘not enough’, say sur­vivors of US drone at­tack in Kab­ul
Griev­ing rel­a­tives of Afghan civil­ian vic­tims de­mand ac­count­abil­i­ty, as well as fi­nan­cial com­pen­sa­tion and re­lo­ca­tion.
18 Sep 2021
Sev­er­al wound­ed in a drone at­tack on Sau­di air­port: Coali­tion
Sau­di-led coali­tion says a sec­ond at­tack on Abha in­ter­na­tion­al air­port pre­vent­ed and a drone shot down.
31 Aug 2021
From: Between Us
Afghanistan’s 20 Years of War
“When you leave your house, you don’t know if you’ll come back home alive. That’s the lega­cy of this war.”
31 Aug 2021
Biden promis­es more strikes against ISIL af­fil­i­ate in Afghanistan
Pledge comes as the Tal­iban con­demns US drone at­tack on ISKP as a ‘clear at­tack on Afghan ter­ri­to­ry’.
28 Aug 2021
Biden may keep Trump pol­i­cy that upped drone ex­ports: Re­port
Trump’s pol­i­cy jump start­ed drone sales to coun­tries whose hu­man rights records are un­der scruti­ny.
25 Mar 2021
Yemeni men ap­peal US drone at­tack case to high­est Ger­man court
The ap­peal again seeks to hold Ger­many ac­count­able for US drone at­tacks launched in­volv­ing air­bas­es on its soil.
23 Mar 2021
How drones have added a new dy­nam­ic to con­flicts
Drones have be­come the means of the first choice in mod­ern war­fare and are used by state and non-state ac­tors.
20 Feb 2021
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