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From: Al Jazeera World
An Amer­i­can in My Home
Two fe­male Amer­i­can stu­dents move in with Mo­roc­can fam­i­lies as cul­tur­al im­mer­sion, with life-chang­ing re­sults for one.
25 May 2022
Nige­ria: Pas­toral­ist cri­sis sur­vivors get sec­ond chance at school
Glob­al­ly, Nige­ria has the high­est rate of out-of-school chil­dren. A vol­un­teer is work­ing to re­duce the num­bers.
13 May 2022
Mob kills stu­dent over ‘blas­phe­my’ in north­ern Niger­ian col­lege
Cas­es of mob at­tacks be­cause of al­leged blas­phe­my hap­pen in­ter­mit­tent­ly in Nige­ria, es­pe­cial­ly in the north.
12 May 2022
‘Sec­ond chance’: In Malawi, a teacher’s salary runs an or­phan­age
Two-thirds of Malaw­ian chil­dren do not com­plete their pri­ma­ry ed­u­ca­tion, one of the high­est rates on the con­ti­nent.
11 May 2022
Afghan stu­dents run un­der­ground book club to keep dreams alive
A group of stu­dents runs the club in Kab­ul to learn, read and write their own sto­ries amid ex­pand­ing Tal­iban curbs.
9 May 2022
Fin­land’s big new ex­port to In­dia: Ed­u­ca­tion
Schools of­fer­ing ac­tiv­i­ty-based learn­ing over text­book-based ed­u­ca­tion are emerg­ing across In­dia.
4 May 2022
Har­vard ac­knowl­edges slav­ery ties, sets up $100m repa­ra­tions fund
Re­port by old­est US uni­ver­si­ty lays out his­to­ry of slav­ery on cam­pus and its role in per­pet­u­at­ing racial op­pres­sion.
26 Apr 2022
Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia to sell debt to pay vic­tims
Some of the rev­enue will be used to pay vic­tims of a uni­ver­si­ty doc­tor for al­leged sex­u­al as­sault.
22 Apr 2022
Togo dis­miss­es more teach­ers in new dis­pute with teach­ers union
The West African coun­try’s gov­ern­ment has a long his­to­ry of dis­putes with the teach­ers union.
7 Apr 2022
The per­ilous road to re­cov­ery in Mada­gas­car’s cy­clone-hit east
Al Jazeera trav­elled along Mada­gas­car’s rav­aged coast, where res­i­dents feel left be­hind weeks af­ter dead­ly storms.
5 Apr 2022
Chi­na lodges con­cerns with Aus­tralia over stu­dent’s de­por­ta­tion
Bei­jing says it lodged ‘solemn rep­re­sen­ta­tion’ with Can­ber­ra af­ter the stu­dent was searched and repa­tri­at­ed.
29 Mar 2022
Bangladesh shuts school in Ro­hingya camp set up by slain leader
The largest pri­vate school for refugees was set up by promi­nent Ro­hingya leader Mo­hib Ul­lah who was gunned down in 2021.
29 Mar 2022
Tal­iban girls’ ed­u­ca­tion ban won’t last, says Malala
The armed group rul­ing Afghanistan closed girls’ sec­ondary schools just hours af­ter re­open­ing them this week.
26 Mar 2022
US can­cels talks with Tal­iban over girls school clo­sure
The move comes af­ter the Tal­iban back­tracked on its pre­vi­ous com­mit­ment to open sec­ondary schools to girls.
25 Mar 2022
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