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Switzer­land records worst melt rate of its glac­i­ers
Swiss glac­i­ers lost six per­cent of their vol­ume this year, which far ex­ceed­ed the record set in 2003, a new study says.
28 Sep 2022
Hur­ri­cane Ian leaves Cuba dark, prompts Flori­da evac­u­a­tions
Res­i­dents in Cuba talk of de­struc­tion as peo­ple in Flori­da pre­pare for the ar­rival of the in­ten­si­fy­ing storm.
27 Sep 2022
Hur­ri­cane Ian strength­ens as Cuba and Flori­da brace for im­pact
Au­thor­i­ties urge res­i­dents to heed evac­u­a­tion or­ders as Hur­ri­cane Ian ex­pect­ed to bring heavy rain­fall and strong winds.
26 Sep 2022
Cop­ing with cli­mate change on Mt Ever­est
Ris­ing tem­per­a­tures make it hard­er for vis­i­tors and lo­cals to reach the peak.
26 Sep 2022
Bermu­da weath­ers Hur­ri­cane Fiona as storm moves to­wards Cana­da
Mean­while, Puer­to Rico con­tin­ues to grap­ple with wide­spread pow­er out­ages in af­ter­math of dead­ly hur­ri­cane.
23 Sep 2022
Brazil votes: In­dige­nous can­di­dates tar­get Bol­sonaro strong­hold
In Ro­raima, where two-thirds of peo­ple sup­port the far-right pres­i­dent, In­dige­nous ac­tivists aim to halt il­le­gal min­ing.
23 Sep 2022
‘Red alert’ in Chi­na as drought dries up coun­try’s biggest lake
Wa­ter lev­els on Poyang Lake have plunged af­ter three months of drought with fore­cast­ers warn­ing sit­u­a­tion could wors­en.
23 Sep 2022
Bermu­da braces for Fiona as Biden pledges sup­port for Puer­to Rico
Hur­ri­cane warn­ing re­mains in ef­fect for all of Bermu­da as Puer­to Rico strug­gles to re­store pow­er in storm’s af­ter­math.
22 Sep 2022
UN rais­es funds to sal­vage oil tanker ‘time bomb’ off Yemen coast
The de­cay­ing 45-year-old FSO Safer has not been ser­viced since Yemen plunged into civ­il war in 2014.
22 Sep 2022
UK lifts ban on frack­ing for shale gas
UK lift­ed ban on frack­ing, a con­tro­ver­sial method to dig for fos­sil fu­els, in or­der to boost oil and gas out­put.
22 Sep 2022
US Sen­ate rat­i­fies in­ter­na­tion­al pact to curb green­house gas­es
US sen­a­tors ap­prove Ki­gali Amend­ment in 69-27 vote hailed by en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists as wel­come step to tack­le cli­mate cri­sis.
21 Sep 2022
Al Jazeera wins Amnesty In­ter­na­tion­al Cana­da Award
Slow Jour­nal­ism unit wins for long read on ef­fect of pol­lu­tant-emit­ting plants built among In­dige­nous com­mu­ni­ties.
21 Sep 2022
Aus­tralian In­dige­nous is­land com­mu­ni­ty halts $3.6bn gas drilling
Aus­tralia’s sec­ond-largest in­de­pen­dent gas pro­duc­er San­tos Ltd ar­gued it had all nec­es­sary ap­provals to be­gin drilling.
21 Sep 2022
Pho­tos: Iraq’s mighty Tigris riv­er is dry­ing up
Dry­ing riverbeds mean Iraqi au­thor­i­ties have had to sharply cut the area of cul­ti­vat­ed land in the coun­try.
21 Sep 2022
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