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Fast Fashion
We explore the low-cost, disposable fashion industry, and the high price paid by people and the planet.
18 Jun 2021
The quarry threatening Turkey’s pristine ‘Paradise Valley’
Construction has angered villagers who allege it is illegal, and dangerous to their health and prosperity.
17 Jun 2021
Monsoon delays salvage of fire-ravaged ship off Sri Lanka coast
Sinking container ship could take months to salvage because of rough monsoon seas, says Sri Lanka, as it seeks UN help.
16 Jun 2021
Grid operators in California and Texas brace for record heat
With temps forecast to reach 42C (108F), grid operators have asked residents to cut back power use to avoid blackouts.
16 Jun 2021
N Korea’s Kim: Food situation ‘tense’ due to pandemic, typhoon
Country’s leader presides over party meeting to resolve economic issues and set policy towards a new US administration.
16 Jun 2021
Clean air group calls out China-backed coal plant in Bangladesh
The Chinese-backed coal-fired power plant in Chattogram, Bangladesh has been the site of deadly crackdowns on protests.
15 Jun 2021
In Pictures: Illinois chemical plant explosion
Firefighters respond to a large fire at a Chemtool plant, and local officials call for evacuations in the area.
15 Jun 2021
Global warming may have already passed irreversible tipping point
After biggest-ever expedition to Arctic, scientists warn point of no return on global warming may have already been hit.
15 Jun 2021
‘The People vs Arctic Oil’: Activists target Norway at ECHR
Climate change campaigners launch a lawsuit against Oslo over plans for more oil drilling in the Arctic.
15 Jun 2021
UK’s biggest investor to drop insurer AIG and others over climate
The British asset manager said the companies had made insufficient progress on addressing climate change risks.
15 Jun 2021
‘We’re hostages’: Indigenous reel from Brazil illegal gold mining
Spike in violence linked to illegal mining activities prompts Indigenous communities to demand protection.
14 Jun 2021
‘Reclaiming the land’: Indigenous fight against Line 3 ramps up
Protests against Line 3 pipeline are part of a larger movement to reclaim Indigenous land and culture in Canada and US.
12 Jun 2021
Is binging Netflix bad for the Earth? Study probes carbon output
An hour of streaming Netflix emits the equivalent of about 55 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
11 Jun 2021
‘Action time’: Ghanaians plant 5m trees to fight forest depletion
People from all walks of life take part in ‘Green Ghana’ project aimed at saving depleting forest reserves.
11 Jun 2021
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