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European Union
EU warns of fos­sil fuel ‘back­slid­ing’ as coun­tries turn to coal
Ur­su­la von der Leyen is­sues warn­ing af­ter sev­er­al EU mem­bers say they will use coal as an al­ter­na­tive to Russ­ian gas.
21 Jun 2022
Thou­sands ral­ly in Geor­gia in sup­port of EU mem­ber­ship bid
Demon­stra­tion in Tbil­isi comes days af­ter the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion rec­om­mend­ed de­fer­ring Geor­gia’s can­di­da­cy.
20 Jun 2022
From: Counting the Cost
Can Chi­na re­vive its COVID-hit econ­o­my?
The Chi­nese gov­ern­ment has an­nounced 33-point stim­u­lus plan to put the econ­o­my back on track.
18 Jun 2022
Analy­sis: What does Ukraine join­ing the EU re­al­ly mean?
Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion green-lit Ukraine for EU can­di­date sta­tus, but be­com­ing a mem­ber might take years.
17 Jun 2022
EU fails to agree cor­po­rate tax re­form as Hun­gary re­jects deal
Hun­gary op­pos­es set­ting a min­i­mum cor­po­rate tax of 15 per­cent on big multi­na­tion­als, pre­vent­ing an EU deal.
17 Jun 2022
Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion backs Ukraine for EU can­di­date sta­tus
Com­mis­sion gives a fast-tracked opin­ion on mem­ber­ship of the bloc be­fore a sum­mit of EU lead­ers on June 23-24.
17 Jun 2022
Eu­ro­pean lead­ers back ‘im­me­di­ate’ EU can­di­da­cy for Ukraine
Lead­ers of France, Italy, Ger­many and Ro­ma­nia vis­it Ukraine to pledge sup­port and back Kyiv’s bid to join the EU.
16 Jun 2022
Di­vi­sions over EU pol­i­cy per­sist as top lead­ers vis­it Ukraine
While Macron, Scholz and Draghi show sol­i­dar­i­ty, the bloc re­mains di­vid­ed on how to con­front Rus­sia.
16 Jun 2022
Ger­many to re­de­ploy troops to Bosnia over ‘sta­bil­i­ty’ con­cerns
‘We to­geth­er with our Eu­ro­pean and NATO part­ners will not al­low a se­cu­ri­ty vac­u­um in our im­me­di­ate neigh­bour­hood.’
15 Jun 2022
EU launch­es le­gal ac­tion against UK over post-Brex­it change
UK’s pro­posed bill to re­move cus­tom checks on some goods en­ter­ing North­ern Ire­land vi­o­lates the deal made with the EU.
15 Jun 2022
Poland changes ju­di­cia­ry law, de­mands EU re­lease COVID funds
War­saw hopes the bloc will re­lease pan­dem­ic re­cov­ery funds, say­ing it met the EU’s de­mands in the rule-of-law dis­pute.
14 Jun 2022
Rus­sia ‘earned’ $98bn in fuel ex­ports in 100 days of Ukraine war
A new re­port says most ex­ports went to Eu­ro­pean coun­tries as Kyiv urges the West to sev­er all trade with Moscow.
13 Jun 2022
Scholz backs giv­ing chance to West­ern Balka­ns on EU mem­ber­ship
Ger­man chan­cel­lor promis­es to help the re­gion rein­vig­o­rate their long-stalled mem­ber­ship cam­paign.
10 Jun 2022
Greek PM says EU must in­te­grate West­ern Balka­ns by 2033: Politi­co
Mit­so­takis says EU needs to prove that when ‘it sets out a vi­sion it has the in­tent and the ca­pac­i­ty to fol­low through’.
10 Jun 2022
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