What is the Allied Democratic Forces armed group?
ADF, labelled as a ‘terrorist’ organisation by the United States, is considered the deadliest group operating in DRC.
30 Nov 2021
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100 days of the Taliban | Start Here
Where do things stand in Afghanistan since the Taliban took over?
23 Nov 2021
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The Sudan Coup | Start Here
What is behind the military coup in Sudan?
3 Nov 2021
Net zero: Just patching over emissions or path to save planet?
Over 190 nations committed to limiting global warming in an effort to stave off the worst effects of climate change.
31 Oct 2021
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The COP26 Climate Summit | Start Here
What is COP26 and can it save the planet?
25 Oct 2021
What you need to know about the T20 World Cup 2021
Past winners, tournament format, and update on DRS and Super Over. Your guide to the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021.
17 Oct 2021
Explainer: Why is a submarine deal sparking a diplomatic crisis?
Australia’s move to ditch a submarine deal has spiralled into an unprecedented diplomatic row between Western allies.
19 Sep 2021
Explainer: Ida and Katrina similar but tiny differences are key
Category 4 Hurricane Ida is on track for a potentially devastating landfall on the Louisiana coast on Sunday.
29 Aug 2021
Taliban takeover: What we know so far
Taliban orders its fighters to enter Kabul as the US hastily evacuated diplomats from its embassy by helicopter.
15 Aug 2021
Explainer: What are the clashes in Syria’s Deraa about?
Fighting has escalated in recent days between government forces and rebels in the key southern province.
13 Aug 2021
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What’s going wrong in Cuba? | Start Here
Cubans are calling for change, with rare protests breaking out in July.
9 Aug 2021
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South Africa and the Zuma Factor | Start Here
What’s behind the recent unrest in South Africa?
26 Jul 2021
What you need to know about Tunisia’s political crisis
Tunisia faces political, economic crisis again as President Saied removes PM Mechichi, suspends Parliament.
26 Jul 2021
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Tokyo Olympics — The Essentials | Start Here
The Olympics are on – here’s your guide to Tokyo 2020.
19 Jul 2021
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