Fethullah Gulen
Turkey captures nephew of US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen
Selahaddin was brought back to Turkey by agents from the National Intelligence Organisation, Turkish media said.
31 May 2021
Turkey to detain 82 military officers over alleged Gulen links
Detentions part of the latest operation against suspected backers of US-based preacher accused of a 2016 failed coup.
1 Dec 2020
Turkish court sentences US consulate employee to jail
Metin Topuz was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison for aiding a ‘terrorist’ organisation.
12 Jun 2020
Turkey seeks arrest of 149 for suspected Gulen links: State media
Detention orders mainly target members of security forces over alleged links to religious leader blamed for coup bid.
8 Jun 2020
Turkey orders 176 soldiers detained over Gulen ties: state media
Ankara accuses US-based religious leader Fethullah Gulen’s network of masterminding a coup attempt in July 2016.
14 Jan 2020
Turkey seeks to arrest hundreds over alleged Gulen links
Operations under way to arrest soldiers and civilians over alleged links to a network blamed for the 2016 coup attempt.
9 Jul 2019
New test for Erdogan: What’s at stake in Turkish local elections?
March 31 polls seen as test for Turkish leader and AK Party amid economic downturn triggered by 2018 currency crisis.
29 Mar 2019
Millions of Turkish voters gear up for key local elections
The Turkish economy, which has slipped into its first recession in a decade, has topped the election agenda so far.
28 Mar 2019
Turkey court opens espionage trial of US consulate staffer
Topuz is accused of having links to US-based Turkish Muslim scholar Gulen, whom Ankara blames for 2016 coup attempt.
26 Mar 2019
Turkey orders detention of 300 people over alleged Gulen links
The order is part of multiple probes into supporters of US-based cleric, accused of being behind attempted 2016 coup.
19 Feb 2019
Turkey targets NBA’s Kanter for alleged ‘terror’ ties
Turkish prosecutors reportedly want Enes Kanter extradited; NBA player says there’s no evidence against him.
17 Jan 2019
Turkey orders detention of 100 soldiers over alleged Gulen links
Detentions a result of probes into pay phone communications between alleged members of the network, state media says.
7 Jan 2019
US officials to visit Turkey over Gulen extradition request
Turkey says Fethullah Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in the US since 1999, planned the 2016 coup attempt.
2 Jan 2019
Turkey jails Gulen nephew, Trump ‘looks at’ extradition
Selman Gulen, nephew of self-exiled Muslim leader Fethullah Gulen, sentenced to years prison on terror-related charges.
19 Dec 2018
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