Bugs for breakfast? Insects could be key for the future of food
‘I think everybody realises we need to change our diets,’ says expert on edible insects, as global population soars.
23 Nov 2021
Fear not, pancake lovers: OPEC of maple syrup taps sticky reserve
Quebec Maple Syrup Producers said it’s draining nearly 50 million pounds of syrup from barrels in its strategic reserve.
19 Nov 2021
Indian city to remove non-vegetarian food stalls from main roads
Authorities in Ahmedabad order removal of non-vegetarian food stalls from main roads – fourth city in Gujarat to do so.
16 Nov 2021
Inflation: Nigeria consumer prices fall for 7th month straight
Falling food prices led the move lower in Nigeria’s headline inflation rate.
15 Nov 2021
US consumer sentiment drops as inflation worries mount
Surging costs for food, gas and housing are eroding consumers’ purchasing power despite stronger wage growth.
12 Nov 2021
Inflation: US consumer prices surge at fastest rate in 30 years
Americans shelled out a lot more last month for food, fuel and shelter as inflation keeps surging.
10 Nov 2021
As COVID-19 rages, more in Singapore go hungry
People dropping meals, buying cheapest products as pandemic leaves contract and low-paid struggling to make ends meet.
10 Nov 2021
Inflation: US wholesale prices hit record high in October
Higher US producer prices persisted in October, as bottlenecks and shortages continued to fuel inflation.
9 Nov 2021
As inflation bites, Nigeria small businesses struggle to survive
Higher prices for food, fuel and other raw materials are squeezing small business owners in Nigeria and their customers.
8 Nov 2021
Inflation watch: Global food prices hit 10-year high
Global food prices climb for a third straight month, heaping more pain on households, especially poorer ones.
4 Nov 2021
Pakistan PM unveils country’s ‘biggest ever’ welfare programme
The $709m package of subsidies aimed at low-income households struggling with food price inflation.
4 Nov 2021
McDonald’s McRib is now an NFT
The fast-food giant is creating non-fungible tokens in celebration of the McRib sandwich’s 40th anniversary.
1 Nov 2021
Tesla boss Musk challenges UN official
Musk said if the UN can explain how money can help resolve world hunger, he will ‘sell Tesla stock right now’ to help.
1 Nov 2021
‘Children going to die’: UN warns of ‘acute’ Afghan food crisis
UN says more than half of Afghanistan’s 39 million population facing acute food insecurity and ‘marching to starvation’.
25 Oct 2021
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