Israel to formalise defence ties with Morocco on minister’s visit
Trip by Defence Minister Benny Gantz to Rabat will reportedly formalise unofficial security cooperation.
23 Nov 2021
Qatar, Egypt agree to supply fuel and building materials to Gaza
Deal was reached in Oslo on Wednesday during meeting for international donor group for Palestinians.
17 Nov 2021
Rallies in Gaza mark 104 years since Balfour Declaration
Protesters demand UK recognise an independent Palestinian state and provide compensation for suffering.
2 Nov 2021
Palestinians in Gaza call to save seven hunger-striking prisoners
Solidarity protest in Gaza demands release of seven prisoners held without charge or trial who are now on hunger strike.
25 Oct 2021
Infographic: Palestine’s olive industry
Palestinian farmers face attacks by Israeli settlers across the occupied West Bank during the olive harvest season.
14 Oct 2021
‘Uninhabitable place’: Gaza suffers with water 97% polluted
Human rights organisations have warned for years about the deteriorating water situation in the Gaza Strip.
12 Oct 2021
Rights groups to PayPal: End discrimination against Palestinians
Groups are demanding PayPal offer its services to the five million Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.
7 Oct 2021
From: Al Jazeera World
Gaza: 60-Minute Warning
Video inside Gaza towers shows residents and workers counting down to an Israeli missile attack while evacuating.
29 Sep 2021
Gaza reconstruction to start by October after $1bn pledged
The reconstruction process comes in three stages: residential units, infrastructure and high-rise buildings.
25 Sep 2021
Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza as hostilities escalate
Tensions have been escalating after six Palestinian prisoners escaped from an Israeli maximum security prison.
13 Sep 2021
‘Can’t feel optimistic’: Gaza Palestinians struggle after Israeli offensive
The reconstruction process is on hold for Gaza’s destroyed infrastructure after Israel’s latest deadly attack.
13 Sep 2021
UN to distribute cash aid to Gaza families, envoy says
Nearly 100,000 beneficiaries will begin to receive cash aid on Monday, UN Middle East envoy says.
12 Sep 2021
‘Nothing changes’: Gaza fishermen baulk at Israel blockade moves
Although Israel lifted some restrictions, economic analysts say the moves will not lead to real development.
12 Sep 2021
Israel hits Hamas sites in Gaza over a rocket firing: Military
There were no reports of casualties in the attack, testing a fragile truce that ended fierce fighting in May.
11 Sep 2021
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