‘Torture’ complaint filed in France against UAE official
Complaint accuses candidate for Interpol presidency, Ahmed al-Raisi, of playing role in torture of jailed activist.
12 Jun 2021
Oman’s youth unemployment problem is a harbinger for wider Gulf
Oman unrest is harbinger for other Gulf petrostates that need to diversify to create jobs for legions of young people.
11 Jun 2021
Analysis: Has the Gulf reconciled after the Qatar blockade?
For now, it seems bilateral reconciliation efforts in the GCC are proceeding, albeit at various speeds.
5 Jun 2021
Qatar’s foreign minister hails ‘positive’ stance in UAE talks
Qatar’s chief diplomat expresses optimism about overcoming differences with the UAE after the Gulf rift.
30 May 2021
Qatar’s top diplomat visits Egypt amid improving ties
Visit comes amid improving ties after Egypt and three Gulf countries ended blockade of Qatar.
25 May 2021
Qatar’s emir visits Saudi Arabia, holds talks with crown prince
Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and MBS discussed bilateral ties, regional developments, state media says.
11 May 2021
US, Arab nations back Jordan’s King Abdullah amid security probe
Support for King Abdulla comes as former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein says he is under house arrest.
4 Apr 2021
Kuwait swears in new cabinet amid mounting crises
PM Sheikh Sabah swapped out four ministers whose selection had angered various lawmakers.
3 Mar 2021
UAE and Qatar officials hold first meeting since Gulf detente
Delegations from two neighbouring countries meet in Kuwait, weeks after agreement to end diplomatic rift.
22 Feb 2021
Saudi Arabia’s ‘Project HQ’ stirs competition with Dubai
Saudi finance minister announces sweeping changes to government investment strategy, stirring Gulf competition.
16 Feb 2021
Qatar working for a return to Iran nuclear accord: Minister
Qatari foreign minister says Doha seeking to de-escalate regional tensions through a political and diplomatic process.
11 Feb 2021
UN’s top court dismisses Qatar discrimination case against UAE
The ICJ upholds objections raised by UAE that the 2017 blockade measures were not racially motivated.
4 Feb 2021
Picking up the pieces: The path to Gulf reconciliation
To mend ties, Gulf countries involved in the GCC crisis will have to go through a process of reconciliation.
20 Jan 2021
Why the blockade against Qatar is ending now
After years of dispute, there’s been a breakthrough at the Gulf Cooperation Council summit.
13 Jan 2021
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