Israeli air attack kills 2 Syrian civilians; 7 wounded: Report
Israeli ‘air aggression’ on Syria’s central region killed two civilians and injured seven others, mostly soldiers.
24 Nov 2021
Israeli missiles target building near Damascus, says Syria
Syria’s state-run media said Israel launched missiles towards an empty house early on Wednesday, no casualties reported.
17 Nov 2021
Hezbollah chief slams Saudi Arabia for Lebanon diplomatic rift
Hassan Nasrallah calls Saudi claims of Hezbollah hegemony in Lebanon ‘nonsense’.
11 Nov 2021
Saudi Arabia designates Hezbollah’s financial arm as ‘terrorists’
Riyadh freezes assets of Lebanon-based Al-Qard Al-Hassan and bans dealings with the association over Hezbollah links.
27 Oct 2021
Saudi Arabia, UAE summon Lebanon envoys over Yemen war criticism
Gulf states angered by Lebanese information minister’s remarks about the Saudi-led war against Houthi rebels in Yemen.
27 Oct 2021
Hezbollah accuses Lebanese Forces of killing its supporters
Nasrallah accuses Christian Lebanese Forces of shooting its members after several people died in clashes last week.
18 Oct 2021
‘Political targeting’: Hezbollah chief denounces blast judge
Lebanon’s leaders have frequently criticised Judge Bitar after he questioned some of the most senior politicians.
11 Oct 2021
Iranian foreign minister meets top Lebanese officials
Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says Tehran willing to rebuild Beirut port and construct two power plants in Lebanon.
7 Oct 2021
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Lebanon on the brink | Start Here
Why Lebanon’s problems are so hard to fix.
3 Oct 2021
Hezbollah using fuel patronage to deflect anger, analysts say
Analysts say the Iran-backed party’s expanding patronage aims to boost its popularity amid Lebanon’s energy crisis.
28 Sep 2021
Has Lebanon found a lifeline?
Fuel is coming in to fill a dire need for electricity in Lebanon amid an ongoing energy crisis.
22 Sep 2021
Lebanon’s Hezbollah says Iranian fuel oil to arrive this week
Hezbollah leader says tanker carrying Iranian fuel oil to help Lebanon through its financial crisis docks in Syria.
13 Sep 2021
Lebanon’s Hezbollah agrees to third shipment of Iranian fuel
Hassan Nasrallah agrees to new shipment to ease shortages in the country, but critics warn move risks sanctions.
27 Aug 2021
Iran is ready to ship more fuel to Lebanon if needed
Iran official says his country could send more fuel to Lebanon after Hezbollah leader promised more vessels are sailing.
23 Aug 2021
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