From: The Forbidden Reel
The Birth of Afghan Cinema
The late 1960s became known as the birth of cinema in Afghanistan when Afghan Film was established.
15 Sep 2021
Row in India over gov’t move to erase colonial-era ‘martyrs’
Premier history body recommends deleting the names of 387 rebels who fought against the British rule, triggering a row.
7 Sep 2021
‘Absurd to suggest one genocide more heinous than another’
Menachem Rosensaft, who was born in a Nazi concentration camp, has penned a poem about Srebrenica.
3 Sep 2021
From: Al Jazeera World
My Own Private History in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia
Personal, witness accounts of four historical events in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia, including a riot over a movie.
1 Sep 2021
From: Witness
Memory is Our Homeland: European refugees in Africa
A filmmaker retraces the childhood odyssey of his Polish grandmother who became a refugee in Africa during World War II.
26 Aug 2021
Zapatistas ‘invade’ Madrid to mark Spanish conquest anniversary
Rebels hold a defiant commemoration in the Spanish capital to say they are ‘still here resisting’.
13 Aug 2021
India’s Goa sheds colonial legacy, 60 years after Portuguese rule
With colonial homes falling into disrepair and Bollywood’s cultural influence increasing, will local history be erased?
11 Aug 2021
How Australia’s ‘Stolen Generations’ were left homeless
For decades, 77-year-old Uncle Jack was a familiar face on Australian TVs. He was also homeless and addicted to heroin.
5 Aug 2021
Iraq says US returning 17,000 looted ancient treasures
Iraqi culture and foreign ministries say Baghdad reached an agreement with US authorities to recover artifacts.
3 Aug 2021
Murdered women: A history of ‘honour’ crimes
Throughout history, women have been held responsible for upholding family ‘honour’ – with deadly consequences.
1 Aug 2021
How can we end antiquities trafficking?
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the theft and trafficking of antiquities and historical manuscripts.
Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari
30 Jul 2021
Peruvian solar observatory, Thai forest join UNESCO heritage list
Peru’s Chankillos observatory, Thailand’s Kaeng Krachan forest and China’s ancient city Quanzhou named heritage sites.
29 Jul 2021
‘Unprecedented’ restitution: US returns antiquities to Iraq
The 17,000 items date back 4,000 years and will be flown back to Iraq with Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.
28 Jul 2021
Anwar Ditta: The mother who took on the UK government and won
How a Birmingham-born mother fought to be reunited with her children and exposed the racism of the UK Home Office.
11 Jul 2021
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