Hong Kong Protests
‘As­sumed as crim­i­nals’: Hong Kong de­fen­dants find bail elu­sive
Courts are tak­ing a more strin­gent ap­proach to bail, leav­ing many be­hind bars even be­fore their tri­al be­gins.
27 Jan 2022
Hong Kong pro-democ­ra­cy ac­tivist Le­ung re­leased from prison
Ed­ward Le­ung, who coined the now-banned slo­gan ‘Lib­er­ate Hong Kong, Rev­o­lu­tion of our Times’, spent four years in jail.
19 Jan 2022
US urges Hong Kong to re­lease de­tained Stand News em­ploy­ees
US Sec­re­tary of State says si­lenc­ing of in­de­pen­dent me­dia un­der­mines Hong Kong’s ‘cred­i­bil­i­ty and vi­a­bil­i­ty’.
30 Dec 2021
Two more Tianan­men Mas­sacre mon­u­ments tak­en down in Hong Kong
Ling­nan Uni­ver­si­ty re­moves Tianan­men Mas­sacre re­lief, while God­dess of Democ­ra­cy sculp­ture was re­moved from CUHK.
24 Dec 2021
‘Crime against democ­ra­cy’: Dan­ish cre­ator of the Tianan­men stat­ue
Artist Jens Gals­chiot tells Al Jazeera re­moval of icon­ic Pil­lar of Shame is in­tend­ed to ‘op­press’ Hong Kong res­i­dents.
23 Dec 2021
Hong Kong uni­ver­si­ty re­moves Tianan­men mas­sacre stat­ue
8-me­tre tall Pil­lar of Shame sym­bol­is­es lives lost dur­ing the 1989 crack­down on pro-democ­ra­cy pro­test­ers in Bei­jing.
23 Dec 2021
Hong Kong ac­tivists sen­tenced for banned Tianan­men vig­il
Me­dia ty­coon Jim­my Lai, 74, who is al­ready in prison, re­ceives 13-month sen­tence to be served con­cur­rent­ly.
13 Dec 2021
Biden, Xi dis­cuss how to ‘align’ stances on Iran nu­clear is­sue
In three-and-half-hour ex­change , Biden and Xi talk about Tai­wan, strate­gic nu­clear con­trols and glob­al eco­nom­ic is­sues.
16 Nov 2021
Chi­nese state firm weighs bid to ac­quire Al­iba­ba’s SCMP
The South Chi­na Morn­ing Post is Hong Kong’s most promi­nent Eng­lish-lan­guage news­pa­per.
5 Nov 2021
Hong Kong ac­tivists jailed for unau­tho­rised protest in 2020
Among those con­vict­ed were Figo Chan of the now-dis­band­ed Civ­il Hu­man Rights Front and two for­mer leg­is­la­tors.
16 Oct 2021
Win­ter Olympics: IOC says Chi­na hu­man rights ‘not with­in’ re­mit
IOC dis­miss­es calls to chal­lenge Chi­na over its treat­ment of the Uighur mi­nor­i­ty ahead of 2022 Win­ter Olympics.
13 Oct 2021
From: 101 East
Hong Kong: Can­dle in the Wind
A year af­ter Hong Kong in­tro­duced a dra­con­ian se­cu­ri­ty law, 101 East meets the ac­tivists who refuse to be si­lenced.
16 Sep 2021
Hong Kong ac­tivists jailed for join­ing peace­ful Tianan­men vig­il
Nine ac­tivists sen­tenced to be­tween six and 10 months in jail while three oth­ers were hand­ed sus­pend­ed sen­tences.
15 Sep 2021
Hong Kong to cre­ate more na­tion­al se­cu­ri­ty of­fences
Se­cu­ri­ty sec­re­tary says of­fi­cials work­ing on leg­is­la­tion that would de­fine new crimes such as es­pi­onage.
14 Sep 2021
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