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Human Rights
Colombia’s aerial fumigation push fuels fear of coca conflict
Rural Colombians in illegal coca industry raise fears spraying with glyphosate will harm environment, residents’ health.
28 Sep 2021
From: Between Us
Darien Gap: A Migrant Journey
“We were listening to stories that make you feel powerless, where you cannot help them”.
28 Sep 2021
ICC prosecutor leaves US forces out of new Afghanistan probe
ICC prosecutor targets Taliban, ISKP as he seeks approval to resume investigation into Afghanistan.
27 Sep 2021
Bahrain authorities jailed hundreds of children: Report
Some 607 children endured various forms of torture while held in Bahraini prisons over the past decade, report finds.
27 Sep 2021
Hong Kong: Tiananmen vigil group disbands after police probe
Democracy group is the latest of many civil society bodies to fold over the past year under government pressure.
25 Sep 2021
US senators urge State Dept to confront Bahrain’s ‘repression’
Since a 2011 uprising, the Gulf country has arrested thousands of protesters and reportedly tortured prisoners.
24 Sep 2021
Biden vows ‘consequences’ for ill-treatment of Haitian migrants
US president takes responsibility for situation at US-Mexico border where thousands of Haitian migrants have massed.
24 Sep 2021
Drive to end energy poverty gets jump start at United Nations
World leaders are gathering to revitalise commitments to end energy poverty for all.
24 Sep 2021
Harris to Modi: ‘Incumbent on our nations to protect democracies’
US vice president’s remarks mark a subtle change from Trump administration’s approach towards the Indian leader.
24 Sep 2021
Top UN official urges Myanmar action ‘before it’s too late’
Clashes between armed resistance forces and the military in recent days have prompted a new wave of evacuations.
24 Sep 2021
More Ecuadorians leaving for US amid ‘burst in migration’
Rights advocates urge Ecuador to address root causes of migration as thousands set out on perilous journeys towards US.
23 Sep 2021
Is Britain trying to hide its ‘misdeeds’ in Northern Ireland?
A sweeping amnesty threatens to thwart the pursuit of truth and justice for victims of the Troubles.
23 Sep 2021
Bodies of eight migrants found off Spain’s coast
The bodies, including three women and a child, washed up on the shores of Almeria over the past two days.
21 Sep 2021
UN chief Guterres: ‘We are on the edge of an abyss’
The UN’s chief painted a grim picture of a divided and polarised world and urged solidarity among nations.
21 Sep 2021
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