From: UpFront
TPLF: Ethiopian government using ‘starvation as a weapon’
On UpFront, Marc Lamont Hill speaks with Tigray People’s Liberation Front adviser, Fesseha Asghedom.
19 Nov 2021
From: UpFront
Is Ethiopia on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe?
On UpFront, Marc Lamont Hill talks to Ethiopia’s State Minister for Government Communication, Selamawit Kassa.
19 Nov 2021
UN special envoy on poverty visits Beirut blast survivors
Olivier De Schutter went to Mar Mikhael and Geitaoui where residents bemoaned a lack of government support.
1 Nov 2021
Tesla boss Musk challenges UN official
Musk said if the UN can explain how money can help resolve world hunger, he will ‘sell Tesla stock right now’ to help.
1 Nov 2021
Amnesty urges urgent relief for ‘deep hunger’ in south Madagascar
More than a million people on Madagascar’s parched southern tip are on the brink of famine, global rights group says.
27 Oct 2021
Yemen’s humanitarian crisis growing as economy collapses: UN
Aid agencies are helping nearly 13 million people across the country, already 3 million more than a few months ago.
14 Oct 2021
Dalit, tribal women among worst victims of India’s hunger crisis
While 60 percent Indian women are anaemic as they eat last and the least, rising hunger hits the marginalised most.
13 Oct 2021
‘Unprecedented’ hunger in Lebanon as fuel crisis hikes food costs
Families skip meals and forgo staples as Lebanon’s paralysing fuel crisis causes food prices to skyrocket.
11 Oct 2021
In Pictures: Hunger plagues Afghans in historic Bamiyan valley
Community is among the poorest in the country and the Taliban takeover in August has only exacerbated their hardships.
6 Oct 2021
To address malnutrition, we should turn to ‘blue’ foods
A ‘blue food revolution’ can help turn the tide against climate change and malnutrition.
Jim Leape
5 Oct 2021
Sudan warns medicine, fuel, wheat running out amid port blockade
Major disruption comes as protesting Beja tribe from eastern Sudan closes the crucial Red Sea Port.
4 Oct 2021
Inclusive science must follow the UN Food Systems Summit
If we are to have a chance of ridding the world of hunger, Summit leaders must return to a participatory science model.
William G Moseley
28 Sep 2021
Drive to end energy poverty gets jump start at United Nations
World leaders are gathering to revitalise commitments to end energy poverty for all.
24 Sep 2021
Tigray mothers share shocking accounts of dire famine conditions
Testimonies and footage from Ethiopia’s war-hit region suggest dramatic worsening of humanitarian situation.
23 Sep 2021
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